The Amityville Horror (2005)

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Release Date
April 15th, 2005
  • Andrew Douglas
  • Scott Kosar
  • Jay Anson
  • Sandor Stern
  • George Lutz
  • Kathy Lutz
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Latest 'The Amityville Horror' News

MGM Continues Amityville Horror as a DVD Franchise

This new series will revolve around ghosts in the Internet.

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: Part 1: MovieWeb talks to George Lutz - the original owner of The Amityville Horror!

B. Alan hunts down the real George Lutz and gets his candid take on the new Amityville remake...

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: Download audio interviews with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George on The Amityville Horror!

Paulington scares Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George into giving him the lowdown on this new horror treat!

B. Alan Orange

Psychic Lorraine Warren talks about the real Amityville Horror!

Paulington chats up the renown ghostbuster about her experiences with the real deal!

B. Alan Orange

CONTEST: Win huge prizes from The Amityville Horror!

...the scariest horror film of the year hits theaters April 15th!

Brian B.

The Amityville Horror Duo

An interview with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George!

Ryan Reynolds talks about The Amityville Horror remake

...coming to theaters April 15th, 2005

Brian B.

New photos from the set of The Amityville Horror remake

...20 new photos pop-up online

Brian B.

Photos from the set of The Amityville Horror remake online

...MGM conjures up new scares from an old tale

Brian B.

Philip Baker Hall, Jesse James and Chloe Moretz join The Amityville Horror

...which begins production today

Brian B.

Melissa George joins The Amityville Horror

...the remake of the 1979 classic

Brian B.

Ryan Reynolds set to star in The Amityville Horror

...playing a young father who marries into a family that moves into a haunted house

Brian B.

Jimmy Bennett cast in leading role in The Amityville Horror

...the remake slotted for release in January

Brian B.

Scott Kosar to write THE AMITYVILLE HORROR remake

...for MGM and producer Michael bay

Brian B.

Dimension Films fast tracking their own AMITYVILLE

2 versions, 2 theaters, the race is on!

Brian B.

MGM considering a retelling of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR?

New rumors hit the web...

Brian B.