The Condemned (2007)

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April 27th, 2007
  • Scott Wiper
  • Scott Wiper
  • Rob Hedden
  • Andy Hedden
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Latest 'The Condemned' News

The Condemned Serves Its Sentence on Standard DVD and Blu-ray Disc September 18

Blu-ray release to contain a 7.1 DTS HD Track.

Evan Jacobs

Vinnie Jones Is One of The Condemned

Going at it with adrenalin against Stone Cold Steve Austin in the action flick.

Evan Jacobs

Stone Cold Steve Austin Steps Out of the Ring for The Condemned

The WWE superstar is one of 10 death row inmates fighting for his life in the sick and crazy action flick!

EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Never-Before-Seen Clip from The Condemned

We've got your first look at a new clip from the upcoming action thriller!

Brian B.