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EXCLUSIVE: Evan Rachel Wood Talks The Conspirator

The actress who plays Anna Surratt talks about working with legendary director Robert Redford, shooting in Savannah, Georgia, and more.

Brian Gallagher

The Conspirator Blu-ray and DVD Arrives August 16th

Robert Redford directs James McAvoy and Robin Wright in this historical drama about the conspiracy surrounding Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

Brian Gallagher

BOX OFFICE BEATDOWN: Rio Bests Scream 4 with $40 Million

Hollywood's 2011 box office slump is over for now with combined $139 million take.

David Ozanich

BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will Rio Fly Away with the Top Spot?

Or can Scream 4 manage to get enough horror fans in those seats to cause an upset this weekend?

David Ozanich

The Conspirator Trailer

Plus, five new photos from Robert Redford's tale about the woman charged as a co-conspirator in the Abraham Lincoln assassination.

Brian Gallagher

First Look at James McAvoy and Toby Kebbell in The Conspirator

Robert Redford's Lincoln assassination-era film about Mary Surratt.

Cat Parker

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Root on The Conspirator and Rango

The busy character actor talks about two of his upcoming films.

Brian Gallagher

Stephen Root Set for Cedar Rapids and The Conspirator

He boards Fox Searchlight's ensemble comedy and the Robert Redford-directed historical drama.

Cat Parker

First Images from The Conspirator Arrive

It was also revealed that Evan Rachel Wood and Toby Kebbell have been cast.

Brian Gallagher

Justin Long to Aid The Conspirator

The actor joins a cast that includes James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn.

Evan Jacobs