Latest 'The Dark Knight Rises' News

UPDATE: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Shortlist to Play the Riddler in Batman 3?

The actor's representatives have denied the rumor that he will appear in the sequel.

Evan Jacobs

Christopher Nolan Reveals Batman 3 Will Not Feature the Joker

The director clears the air on the character's return for the third film.

Brian Gallagher

Batman 3 Release Date Set for July 20, 2012!

The highly-anticipated sequel has set an official release date.

Brian Gallagher

Batman 3 Won't Be Shot in 3D?

Cinematographer Wally Pfister talks about shooting the next film.

Brian Gallagher

Warner Bros. to Replace Harry Potter Franchise with DC Superhero Films

The studio will delve into the DC library for its tentpole slate after the Potter series concludes.

Brian Gallagher

Christopher Nolan Gives Updates on Superman and Batman Sequels

The director reveals that he has a fantastic new story for both Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in the works.

B. Alan Orange

David Goyer Leaves FlashForward for the Next Batman Film?

The Batman Begins screenwriter claims he is "being pulled in too many directions."

Evan Jacobs

Batman 3 Plans to Be Finalized in January?

It seems that Christopher Nolan isn't locked in yet as the director.

Brian Gallagher

SDCC 2009: Next Batman Movie Starts Filming Next Year!

Actor Gary Oldman reveals some details at Comic-Con.

Brian B.

Could Rhona Mitra Be Catwoman in Batman 3?

Yet another actress throws her name into the hat for the sequel to The Dark Knight.

There Is No Truth to Any Batman 3 Rumors

Screenwriter David Goyer puts all rumors to rest.

Michael Caine Confirms Johnny Depp and Seymour Philip Hoffman for Batman 3

The British actor says a Warner Brothers executive confirmed the casting.

Johnny Depp Comments on Riddler Rumors for The Dark Knight Sequel

"It seems like it'd be a fun gig for a while, yeah."

Cat Parker

EXCLUSIVE: Will Chris Nolan Recast the Joker for Batman 3 or Will the Riddler Take His Place?

The director isn't even sure he wants to come back for a third film.

B. Alan Orange