Latest 'The Dark Knight' News

Christopher Nolan Talks About a Third Batman Film

The director talks about NOT making a follow-up to The Dark Knight.... sort of.

Brian Gallagher

Best Rumor Stories of 2008 Featuring The Dark Knight & G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra!

We've culled together the best unpublished rumor stories of recent months.

B. Alan Orange

First Look at The Dark Knight Official DVD / Blu-ray Covers and Details!

Get your first look at the official details of the upcoming Batman release, plus see the sell-sheets and box covers!

Brian B.

The Dark Knight Rises Up to DVD and Blu-ray on December 9th!

The street date for this year's biggest film is finally confirmed, and we get a glimpse at the artwork and the sell-sheets for the releases!

Brian Gallagher

Warner Bros. Going Blu with Award Screeners

The studio will give Academy voters the option to receive award screeners in either standard or Blu-ray formats.

Brian Gallagher

New The Dark Knight Blu-ray Details

Some new information emerges about this highly-anticipated 1080p release.

Brian Gallagher

The Dark Knight to Hit Theaters Again in January

Warner Bros. wants some Oscar attention.

Cat Parker

Philip Seymour Hoffman Responds to Those Pesky The Dark Knight Penguin Rumors

He hasn't been cast yet, but the actor certainly isn't ruling it out.

B. Alan Orange

Aaron Eckhardt's Two-Face Will Not Be Back in the Next Batman Movie

The actor responds to the "controversy" around Harvey Dent/Two Face's death in the film.

Brian Gallagher

Early The Dark Knight DVD Packaging

Some new images have hit the net on the various editions this blockbuster will be released in.

Brian Gallagher

BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: The Dark Knight Remains Atop the Box Office for a Fourth Consecutive Week

Pineapple Express and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fare well in their debut weekend.

Brian Gallagher

The Dark Knight Becomes the 7th Highest Grossing Film of All Time

The Christopher Nolan blockbuster just passed Spider-Man yesterday.

Brian Gallagher

Will The Dark Knight Blu-Ray Feature BD Live?

Some rumblings from the web surface about this sequel's impending BD release.

Brian Gallagher

The Dark Knight Passes $400 Million in Record Time

Chalk up yet another box-office record for the Christopher Nolan film.

Brian Gallagher

Box Office Beat Down: The Dark Knight Flies High for Third Week in a Row with Another $43.8 Million

The Mummy almost makes it into the top spot with a close $42.4 million.

B. Alan Orange

BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: The Dark Knight Dominates for a Second Weekend in a Row

The Step Brothers finishes in a solid second place.

Brian Gallagher

The Dark Knight's Final Weekend Gross: $158.3 Million!

The Sunday grosses came in even more than first estimated.

Brian Gallagher

BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: The Dark Knight Conquers All with $155 Million!

Mamma Mia! a modest hit in second place with $27 million.

B. Alan Orange

The Dark Knight Breaks Midnight Screening Record

The Batman Begins sequel takes in $18.5 milliion from midnight shows.

Brian Gallagher

CONTEST: Win The Dark Knight Score!

Here's your chance to take home the music of the film on CD.

Brian Gallagher