Latest 'The Incredible Hulk' News

Edward Norton Talks The Incredible Hulk

The actor reveals there is no connection to the 2003 film, and more.

Brian Gallagher

William Hurt Reveals Spoilers from the Iron Man/Incredible Hulk Crossover Scene!

Veteran actor reveals himself to be a closeted comic-book geek.

Scene Linking Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk Movies Revealed

Is Robert Downey, Jr. going to appear in the Hulk movie?

First Two Images from The Incredible Hulk

Check out Edward Norton as Bruce Banner.

New Photos of The Hulk and Iron Man

New artwork is revealed online.

Brian B.

Check Out New Pictures from the Set of The Incredible Hulk

New video also surfaces from the Rio De Janeiro set.

B. Alan Orange

Tim Roth Talks The Incredible Hulk!

The actor gives us an update on the film's production.

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More The Incredible Hulk Set Photos

Check out some shots from "a Hulk-Smashed version of Harlem."

Evan Jacobs

4 Videos from the Set of The Incredible Hulk!

Car crashes and explosions on the Toronto set!

Ed Norton Is Writing and Starring in The Incredible Hulk

Learn more about why the actor has taken on two jobs.

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Tim Blake Nelson Joins the Cast of The Incredible Hulk

Playing a scientist that is one of the Hulk's major antagonists.

Christina Cabot Joins The Incredible Hulk

The actress joins alongside Edward Norton and Tim Roth.

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William Hurt Joins the Cast of The Incredible Hulk

Play General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, the man who has dedicated his life to capturing the Hulk.

Tim Roth to Star in The Incredible Hulk as Villain

Will join Edward Norton and Liv Tyler in the Louis Leterrier-directed drama.

Liv Tyler Will Be Betty in The Incredible Hulk

Actress to appear opposite Ed Norton in the forthcoming reboot!

B. Alan Orange

Avi Arad on The Incredible Hulk!

The Producer talks about casting Edward Norton and what color the Hulk might be in this new film.

Evan Jacobs

The Incredible Hulk to Remain Green in Upcoming Sequel

Grey Hulk is out, though exactly which shade of green he will be remains a mystery!

B. Alan Orange

Edward Norton Is The Incredible Hulk

Shooting starts this summer for a June 13, 2008 release.

Rhythm & Hues Studios Working on The Incredible Hulk

The visual effects company gets the gig for the Marvel flick.

The Incredible Hulk to Be Filmed in Toronto

Will begin shooting this summer for about four months.