The Polar Express (2004)

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Release Date
November 10th, 2004
  • Chris Van Allsburg
  • Robert Zemeckis
  • William Broyles Jr.
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Latest 'The Polar Express' News

The Polar Express Comes Back to DVD and Blu-Ray in 3-D on October 28th

We have some details on this Robert Zemeckis film coming back in all three dimensions.

Brian Gallagher

The Polar Express Freezes the DVD Competition

With War of the Worlds following right behind.

Brian B.

Warner Bros. Drives Biggest IMAX Weekend Ever

Digitally Re-mastered IMAX versions of The Goblet of Fire & The Polar Express.

Brian B.

The Polar Express In IMAX 3D Returns to Theaters This Holiday Season

Catch the animated adventure in 3D on the big screen!

Brian B.

The Polar Express DVD hops on the holiday slate

Coming to DVD November 22nd.

Brian B.

The Polar Express comes back to IMAX

...starting this holiday season in November

Brian B.

The Polar Express becomes the highest grossing IMAX DMR® release ever

...playing on 77 screens around the world, the film grossed an estimated $2.53 million over the three-day period

Brian B.

The Polar Express continues to clean up at IMAX

...grossing approximately $2,050,000 in 3 days

Brian B.


B. Alan Orange sees The Polar Express and wonders why Cartoons don't want to be cartoons anymore...

B. Alan Orange

Tom Hanks Drives The Polar Express

Star on technology and multi-acting

Warner Bros. sneak peeks The Polar Express this Saturday

...check your local listings

Brian B.

CONTEST: Win tons of prizes from The Polar Express!

...coming to theaters on November 10th

Brian B.

Over 30 new photos from The Polar Express!

...starring Tom Hanks

Brian B.

Steven Tyler joins The Polar Express

...playing one of Santa Claus’ elfin helpers

Julian Roman

A look at Polar Express news on this week's trailer release

Brian B.

The Polar Express to be released in IMAX 3D

...straring an animated Tom Hanks

Brian B.

A new photo of Tom Hanks in THE POLAR EXPRESS

...Hanks gets animated yet again

Brian B.

Your first look at THE POLAR EXPRESS poster!

Robert Zemeckis directs Tom Hanks once again...

Brian B.

New set design sketches from THE POLAR EXPRESS!

The new Tom Hanks film is coming in November...

Brian B.

Nona Gaye talks about her role in THE POLAR EXPRESS!

Starring alongside Tom Hanks...

Brian B.