The Raid: Redemption (2012)

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Win The Raid: Redemption on Blu-ray!

Win The Raid: Redemption on Blu-ray!

Iko Uwais stars in director Gareth Evans' martial arts action extravaganza about a team of cops who raid a 30 story building filled with criminals.

The Raid Red Band Clip

Iko Uwais takes on four machete-wielding maniacs at once in this scene from Gareth Evans' hyper-violent action drama.

The Raid Clip

Gareth Edwards directs Iko Uwais in this action-packed crime drama from Sony Pictures.

The Raid Gets American Remake

Screen Gems is producing Gareth Evans' intense action-thriller just won the Midnight Madness audience award at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Raid Red Band Trailer

Iko Uwais stars in Gareth Edwards' action thriller which just debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last night.

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