The Revenant (2012)

The Revenant Poster
  • 56%
Release Date
August 24th, 2012
  • D. Kerry Prior
  • Annie Abbott
  • Senyo Amoaku
  • David Anders
  • Zana Zefi
  • Suzan Averitt
  • Robert Axelrod
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Latest 'The Revenant' News

EXCLUSIVE: Director D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant

A zombie and his slacker best friend become vigilante crime fighters in this hilariously gory horror comedy, in select theaters this Friday, August 24th.

B. Alan Orange

CONTEST: Win The Revenant Poster!

Chris Wylde and David Anders star in this unique horror comedy about a man and his zombie best friend who scour the L.A. streets looking for fresh blood.

Brian Gallagher

The Revenant Red Band Trailer

We also have three new clips and a photo gallery from this zombie comedy about a man trying to give his undead friend a fresh supply of blood.

Brian Gallagher