The Simpsons Movie (2007)

The Simpsons Movie Poster
Release Date
July 27th, 2007
  • James L. Brooks
  • Matt Groening
  • Al Jean
  • Ian Maxtone-Graham
  • George Meyer
  • David Mirkin
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Latest 'The Simpsons Movie' News

Simpsons Movie Sequel on the Horizon?

Simpsons Movie Sequel on the Horizon?

Producer James L. Brooks recently talked about the possibly of a Simpsons Movie 2 still happening, saying maybe it will happen.

Ryan Scott

No Simpsons Movie on the Horizon

The show's creators think once the series finally wraps they might revisit the bigscreen.

Cat Parker

The Simpsons Movie Sequel Still Far Off

The director of the movie sheds some light on sequel talk.

Brian Gallagher

The Simpsons Movie: TV Adaptations Can Work!

Brian Gallagher breaks down the film that succeeded in this sketchy genre.

Brian Gallagher

The Simpsons Movie DVD and Blu-ray Disc Breakdown!

Now you can see these residents of Springfield like you have never seen them before.

Evan Jacobs

Simpsons DVD to Smell Like Donuts

Scent to be scene specific for this release.

Evan Jacobs

The Simpsons Movie to Hit DVD December 18?

If this post is correct the disc will contain some pretty cool, fan related extras.

Evan Jacobs

The Simpsons Movie Still Tops at the International Box Office

Homer brings home another $23.4 million paycheck.

B. Alan Orange

The Simpsons Movie Tops Overseas Box Office with $23.2 Million

Everyone's favorite yellow family is number one for the third straight week in a row.

B. Alan Orange

COMIC-CON 2007: Listen to The Simpsons Panel!

Michael Price, Don Payne, David Merkin, David Silverman, Al Gene, Yeardley Smith, Matt Groening

Brian B.

The Creative Gang Behind The Simpsons Movie Speak!

Matt Groening and his team tell the tale of this summer's best-kept secret.

B. Alan Orange

Watch 2 New Clips from The Simpsons Movie!

Get your first peek inside the upcoming flick!

Brian B.

Nation Votes for Springfield, Vermont as Favorite 'The Simpson's Hometown'

Chosen from among 14 "Springfield's" in the U.S.; will host the movie premiere.

EXCLUSIVE: A Visit to The Simpsons Movie's Kwik E Mart!

We check out the local Springfield Convenience Store.

B. Alan Orange

First Look at the Final Poster from The Simpsons Movie

Get a glimpse at the last one-sheet for the upcoming flick!

B. Alan Orange

The Final Simpsons Trailer Is Ready for You!

Watch Homer and the gang in clips from their first feature film right now!

B. Alan Orange

20th Century Fox Summer 2007 Preview Images

Fantastic Four 2, Die Hard 4 and The Simpsons Movie!

McFarlane Unleashes The Simpsons Movie Toys!

The comic sequel shooting in May in Budapest.

New The Simpsons Movie Trailer

Homer, Bart, Marge and Lisa make the jump to the big screen.

Watch The Simpsons Movie Teaser Trailer #3

New scenes with Homer and Bart right here!