The to Do List (2013)

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The to Do List Interactive Red Band Trailer and New Poster

Aubrey Plaza gets a comic book makeover in this Trapper-Keeper inspired look at the 90s era comedy, in theaters this weekend.

B. Alan Orange

The to Do List Maggie Carey Featurette

The director shares her own personal to-do list as she tackles this 90s era comedy about a girl broadening her sexual horizons, in theaters soon.

B. Alan Orange

The to Do List Trailer

Aubrey Plaza returns to the 90s with the hopes of becoming a more sexual experienced woman in this summer comedy.

B. Alan Orange

Second The to Do List Red Band Trailer

Aubrey Plaza is determined to push her sexual boundaries before going to college in this summer comedy, debuting in theaters July 26th.

Brian Gallagher

The To-Do List Red Band Trailer

Aubrey Plaza introduces the first footage from this comedy about a young woman looking to explore her sexuality before heading to college.

Brian Gallagher

Christopher Mintz-Plasse Talks Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall

The actor also discusses his role in Fright Night on the set of his new comedy The To-Do List.

Brian Gallagher

Andy Samberg and Donald Glover Join The Hand Job

The actors join Aubrey Plaza and Bill Hader in the Maggie Carey-directed indie comedy.

Cat Parker

Aubrey Plaza Joins The Hand Job

The Parks and Recreation star will play a studious young girl who wants to be more sexually active before she gets to college in this new comedy.

Brian Gallagher