Latest 'Thor' News

UPDATE: Kat Dennings Secures a Role in Thor

Natalie Portman revealed the actress will appear in Kenneth Branagh's film.

Brian Gallagher

Idris Elba Heads to Asgard for Thor

The actor will portray Hemidall, the guardian of Asgard.

Brian Gallagher

Stuart Townsend, Ray Stevenson, and Tadanobu Asano Set for Thor?

They will play a trio of Asgardian adventurers, The Warriors Three.

Cat Parker

Jaimie Alexander Talks About Her Thor Stunt Training

The Kyle XY actress reveals her training progress for the film.

Brian Gallagher

Thor Begins Shooting in Mid-January

The production will then move to Santa Fe, New Mexico from March till late-April.

Evan Jacobs

Anthony Hopkins to Star as Odin in Thor

He joins Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in the Marvel Studios adaptation.

Cat Parker

Dominic Cooper Up for a Thor Role as Well?

The An Education actor could be up for the role of Fandral the Dashing.

Brian Gallagher

Jude Law and Robert DeNiro to Join Thor?

According to actor Matthias Schweighofer they are. He claims he is in the film as well.

Evan Jacobs

Stellan Skarsgard Set for Thor

He joins Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman in the comic book adaptation.

Cat Parker

Jaimie Alexander and Colm Feore Gear Up for Thor

Alexander will play the character of Sif while Feore's character is cloaked in mystery.

Evan Jacobs

Natalie Portman Cast as Jane Foster in Thor!

Jane Foster was a nurse who became Thor's first love in the early Thor comics.

B. Alan Orange

Jessica Biel Up for Thor Role?

A new story reveals the actress is in talks to join the Marvel film.

Brian Gallagher

Marvel's Kevin Feige on the Future of The Avengers, Thor, Ant Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain America!

The Marvel Studios Big Wig says Hulk will smash again in The Avengers.

B. Alan Orange

Brian Blessed Set to Play Thor's Odin?

A new report surfaces that has the robust actor as Thor's father.

Brian Gallagher

Thor's Tom Hiddleston Unveils the Secrets Behind Loki

Thor co-writer Ashley Miller also chimes in on the upcoming big screen adaptation of the popular comic book.

B. Alan Orange

Tom Hiddleston Cast as Loki in Thor

The little-known British actor has signed on to play the film's nemesis.

Brian Gallagher

A New Rumor Has Chris Hemsworth Starring as Thor

The actor is also signed to play the lead in a remake of Red Dawn.

B. Alan Orange

Marvel's President of Production Discusses Thor and The Avengers

Kevin Feige gives the low-down on the status of Marvel's upcoming crop of superhero films.

Natalie Portman Up for Female Lead in Thor?

Is the actress going from outer-space queen to norse warrior goddess?

Jon Favreau to Direct The Avengers?

Did an inside source at Marvel spill the beans on The Avengers, Thor and Fox's Daredevil and Fantastic Four?