Trollhunter (2010)

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Troll Hunter Banner!

This huge landscape painting hints at the excitement found in Andre Ovredal's genre mockumentary, on VOD now.

Third The Troll Hunter Clip

Take a closer look at a three-headed troll in Andre Ovredal's highly-anticipated mockumentary about two men who find gigantic trolls in Norway.

Third The Troll Hunter Trailer

Andre Ovredal directs this mockumentary thriller about a group of students who discover gigantic trolls hidden in Norway.

Trollhunter (2010)
Release Date
October 29th, 2010
  • André Øvredal
  • Otto Jespersen
  • Glenn Erland Tosterud
  • Johanna Mørck
  • Tomas Alf Larsen
  • Urmila Berg-Domaas
  • Hans Morten Hansen