Trollhunter (2011)

Trollhunter Poster
Release Date
June 10th, 2011
  • André Øvredal
  • Otto Jespersen
  • Glenn Erland Tosterud
  • Johanna Mørck
  • Tomas Alf Larsen
  • Urmila Berg-Domaas
  • Hans Morten Hansen
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Latest 'Trollhunter' News

Trollhunter Remake Nabbed by Producer Chris Columbus

1492 Pictures will be behind this Stateside adaptation of Andre Ovredal's faux documentary about trapping gigantic trolls in Norway.

Brian Gallagher

Troll Hunter Banner!

This huge landscape painting hints at the excitement found in Andre Ovredal's genre mockumentary, on VOD now.

B. Alan Orange

Third The Troll Hunter Clip

Take a closer look at a three-headed troll in Andre Ovredal's highly-anticipated mockumentary about two men who find gigantic trolls in Norway.

Brian Gallagher

The Troll Hunter Stateside Remake Moves Forward

Director Andre Ovredal reveals an official announcement will be made in the next few weeks regarding a remake of his Norwegian mocumentary.

Brian Gallagher

Third The Troll Hunter Trailer

Andre Ovredal directs this mockumentary thriller about a group of students who discover gigantic trolls hidden in Norway.

Brian Gallagher

The Troll Hunter Photos Feature Trolls and Hunters

Get a close look at the troll hunting crew and the mythical beasts they track in this new faux documentary.

Brian Gallagher

The Troll Hunter Goes to Magnet Releasing

Andre Ovredal's new horror mockumentary will be released theatrically in 2011.

Brian Gallagher

Second The Troll Hunter Trailer!

The trolls are out in full-force in this smashing new footage from the Norwegian mockumentary thriller.

B. Alan Orange

The Troll Hunter Trailer and Clips!

Andre Ovreda's upcoming Cloverfield-style mockumentary offers a first look at its creepy troll monsters.

B. Alan Orange