Vanishing on 7th Street (2011)

Vanishing on 7th Street Poster
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February 18th, 2011
  • Anthony Jaswinski
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EXCLUSIVE: Brad Anderson Talks Vanishing on 7th Street

The director discusses his upcoming thriller, shooting in Detroit, his serial killer project Jack and much more.

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Vanishing on 7th Street Trailer

Hayden Christensen and John Leguizamo stars in Brad Anderson's thriller about a Detroit blackout that leads to the city's population vanishing.

Brian Gallagher

Vanishing on 7th Street Appears at Magnet Releasing

The Brad Anderson thriller centers on a group of people who come to realize that the entire city of Detroit has vanished.

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Vanishing on 7th Street Video Featurette, Poster, and New Images!

Brad Anderson's upcoming apocalyptic thriller stars Hayden Christensen and John Leguizamo.

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5 Images from Brad Anderson's Vanishing on 7th Street

See what happens when a global blackout yields countless populations to simply vanish.

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