Waiting (2005)

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October 7th, 2005
  • Rob McKittrick
  • Rob McKittrick
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Latest 'Waiting' News

K.D. Aubert and Chris Williams Are Still Waiting...

Plus other exciting casting news.

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: Waiting With Director Rob McKittrick

MovieWeb goes 1-on-1 with the Director as he talks about getting the movie made, writing low budget films and the new movie he's directing called The Wingman co-starring Christopher Walken.

Evan Jacobs

Lionsgate to Break New Bread with Waiting

Comedy about working in a restaurant to feature some interesting extras.

Evan Jacobs

Justin Long Talks About the Fast Food of Waiting

Paulington sits down with the actor to talk about his day job at ShenaniganZ Restaurant.

B. Alan Orange

Ryan Reynolds Talks Waiting

Plus, Flash, Amityville & following up Van Wilder.

B. Alan Orange

Director Rob McKittrick Talks About Waiting

The man behind 'The Game' talks about how the film got made.

B. Alan Orange

CONTEST: Win An iPod Nano from Waiting!

The film starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris & Justin Long coming to theaters October 7th!

Brian B.