Latest 'Warm Bodies' News

Summit Entertainment 2012 Preview

Man on a Ledge, Step Up 4, Warm Bodies, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 headline the studio's slate for 2012.

Brian Gallagher

Five More Warm Bodies Photos Featuring Nicholas Hoult

Jonathan Levine directs this adaptation of Isaac Marion's zombie novel for Summit Entertainment.

Brian Gallagher

Warm Bodies Photo with Zombie Nicholas Hoult

The Jack and the Giant Killer star headlines this adaptation of Isaac Marion's zombie novel directed by Jonathan Levine.

B. Alan Orange

Red 2 and Ender's Game Set for 2013

Summit Entertainment has also issued new release dates for Step Up 4, Now You See Me, Warm Bodies, and Sinister.

Brian Gallagher

Warm Bodies Eyes John Malkovich for the Lead in Zombie Movie

Jonathan Levine's horror film follows an existentially tormented zombie named "R".

Harout Harmanian

Warm Bodies Adds Rob Corddry

Jonathan Levine's zombie romance Warm Bodies will feature actor Rob Corddry as M, a zombie outcast.

Harout Harmanian

Teresa Palmer Joins Warm Bodies

The I Am Number Four actress to star opposite Nicholas Hoult in Summit's zombie love story.

Cat Parker

Nicholas Hoult to Star in Warm Bodies

The British actor to play a tormented zombie in writer-director Jonathan Levine's supernatural romancer for Summit.

Cat Parker