Latest 'Watchmen' News

Check Out Two New Watchmen TV Spots!

Get a look at more scenes from Zack Snyder's adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel.

NYCC 2009: Watchmen Footage Revealed at NY Comic-Con

Dave Gibbons Reveals the First 18-minutes of the film, plus a world premiere bonus clip!

New Watchmen Video Journal Online!

Take a look at the 11th video installment for this blockbuster.

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The New Watchmen Viral Video Reminds Us That Vigilantism Is Illegal!

Check out the latest marketing video from the fictional world of the film.

CONTEST: Win the Watchmen: Official Film Companion Book!

Here's your chance to win this coveted hardcover book that goes deeper into the upcoming film.

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New Watchmen Imax Poster Surfaces

The final 1-sheet for the upcoming adaptation has been revealed.

B. Alan Orange

Were They Really Considering Making a Sequel to Watchmen?

Director Zak Snyder reveals what he would've done if the studio insisted on a follow-up.

Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood Come to DVD and Blu-ray on March 24th

We have all the details on this new DVD that will enhance the upcoming film.

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New Watchmen Tie-in Book Images

Take a look at some unique artwork for this upcoming blockbuster.

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Final Watchmen Poster Hits

Take a look at the whole superhero group in this latest one-sheet.

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Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic Gets Heroic on DVD and Blu-ray on March 3rd

We have all the details on this new tie-in to Zach Snyder's upcoming film.

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Watchmen Soundtrack and Original Score Announced

These new CDs will hit the shelves on March 3, just before the film opens.

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Check Out a New Watchmen Viral Video - From the Seventies!

The latest viral marketing piece for the film shows one of the heroes active in the 1970s.

Watchmen Dispute Settled Between Fox and Warner Bros!

The two parties agree to settle out of court for undisclosed amounts.

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Watchmen Dispute Close to Settlement

It appears both Fox and Warner Bros. may settle their matter over Zack Snyder's film out of court.

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Watch New Watchmen, Friday the 13th and Underworld 3 TV Spots

Get a new glimpse at some of the most anticipated films of 2009.

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Fox and Warner Bros. Ask for a Hearing Delay in Watchmen Case

U.S District Judge Gary Allen Feess agrees but wants January 20 trial to happen.

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Watchmen Trial Settlement Talks Going Well

It seems the lawsuit between Fox and Warner Bros. might not go to trial after all.

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Larry Gordon Speaks Out on Watchmen's Legal Woes

Producer defends his agreements with Fox.

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Watchmen Standoff Inches Closer to Resolution on January 20

Warner Bros. hopes Friday's status call will make things happen a lot sooner.

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