We Own the Night (2007)

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October 12th, 2007
  • James Gray
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We Own the Night Is Coming to DVD on February 12th

The Mark Wahlberg/Joaquin Phoenix drama will also be available on Blu-Ray.

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EXCLUSIVE: Joaquin Phoenix Brings Down the Justice in We Own the Night

The actor talks about his latest project while questioning the purpose of the media.

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EXCLUSIVE: Robert Duvall Stands Blue in We Own the Night

The iconic actor takes us deep inside the mind of a seasoned police officer.

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EXCLUSIVE: Eva Mendes Turns Up the Heat in We Own the Night!

The up and coming actress takes a trip back to the late Eighties.

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Mark Walberg Shows His Mild Side in We Own the Night

The actor talks about getting behind the badge yet again for his latest role.

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Watch 8 Clips and 5 Interviews for We Own the Night!

Get an inside look at this new film from director James Gray.

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First Look at the We Own the Night Movie Poster

The new crime-drama starring Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg.