Latest 'X-Men: The Last Stand' News

7-Minute Sneak Peek Clip From X-Men To Launch Tonite

Including a sweepstakes to win a Dell XPS X-Men computer system.

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Host 2 Night, 7-Minute X-Men Preview Thursday

The two stars of the franchise premiere an exclusive seven-minute preview on Fox.

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Activision Announces Video Games Based on X-Men & Over The Hedge Movies

The company also plans to release 3 unspecified Playstation 3 titles this year.

The First X-Men: The Last Stand Clip Online

Get your first look at the 3rd film in the superhero franchise.

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Ellen Page Talks Hard Candy and Playing Kitty Pryde in X3

The young actress seeks out her sexual predator and gives up a little on her role in the new X-Men film.

7-Minute X-Men: The Last Stand Preview Airing on Fox May 11

During That '70s Show 'Final Goodbye' episode.

New X-Men: The Last Stand Behind-the-Scenes Video

On-location interviews with Hugh Jackman and Famke Janssen.

Over 25 New Photos from X-Men: The Last Stand!

We've got your first look at the latest pictures from the new film.

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Watch the Full-length X-Men: The Last Stand Trailer!

Get a good look at what to expect from the sequel this May.

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X-Men: The Last Stand Full-Length Trailer to Debut March 6

During a two-hour broadcast of 24.

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New X-Men 3 Magazine Photo Art Online

Empire Magazine gets 2 new exclusive covers.

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The X-Men 3 Teaser Trailer Goes Online!

Get a look at the 3rd film in the comic book adapted series!

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Your First Look at X-Men 3!

Take a look at the character from the film!

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The X-Men 3 Trailer Goes Online December 5th

Get a peek at the new film next Monday.

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X-Men 3 Teaser Website Goes Online

Get a glimpse at what's to come.

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Photos From the Set of X-Men 3 Go Online

Fan sites start churning out the unofficial set photos.

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Ellen Page is 'Kitty Pryde' in X-Men 3

The eighteen-year-old actress gets the role.

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Ben Foster Joins X-Men 3

Play the mutant Archangel, 'Angel,' in the film.

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Your First Look at the X-Men 3 Teaser Poster!

Sharpen your claws. May 26th, 2006 is around the corner.

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Casting Call for X-Men 3

A recap of the recent Canadian event.

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