Zodiac (2007)

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March 2nd, 2007
  • James Vanderbilt
  • Robert Graysmith
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Latest 'Zodiac' News

Zodiac: The Director's Cut Comes to Blu-ray on January 27th

We have some early details on the BD version of this David Fincher film.

Brian Gallagher

Check Out the Zodiac: Director's Cut HD-DVD Specs

This release is packed with next generation content.

Evan Jacobs

Zodiac: Director's Cut Hits DVD and HD-DVD January 8

This 2-disc set is filled with extra features.

Evan Jacobs

Zodiac Tops the Sales Charts

The Number 23 is No. 1 in rentals.

Evan Jacobs

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Graysmith Is Still Obsessed with Zodiac

The author talks about why he went after a serial killer and what it's like to work with David Fincher.

Evan Jacobs

Zodiac: 2-Disc Director's Cut Slated for 2008

Single disc release on July 24 to contain no extra features.

Evan Jacobs

Zodiac Appears on DVD July 24

This David Fincher film is as relentess as the story it is telling.

Evan Jacobs

Read Our DVD Release Spooktacular!

Some of the titles we talk about include Zodiac and Dead Silence.

Evan Jacobs

The Real Stories of Zodiac

Hear the true account from Robert Graysmith and the men who tracked down the serial killer.

EXCLUSIVE: Authentic Letter from the Zodiac Killer!

Check out this letter scanned directly at the San Francisco Police Department crime lab!

Mark Ruffalo Tries to Catch the Zodiac Killer

Playing the real life detective in the David Fincher drama.

America's Most Wanted Goes on the Hunt for the Zodiac Killer

To coincide with the new Paramount feature film which is based on the murders.

Authentic Zodiac Killer Letters from the San Francisco PD Crime Lab

The film is based on a true story; take a look at the actual letters written by the killer!

All New Photos from David Fincher's Zodiac!

Get a look inside the new thriller.

Brian B.

First Look at the Zodiac Movie Poster

The David Fincher thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr.

David Fincher Gives Insight on Making Zodiac

Revealed in a Final Cut Pro promotional video on Apple's website.

Gary Oldman Signs Onto Fincher's Zodiac

Portraying attorney Melvin Belli.

Brian B.

David Fincher to direct Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

One starring Mark Ruffalo, the other starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

Brian B.

Anthony Edwards joins David Fincher's Zodiac

...portraying the partner of the lead police investigator on the case, played by Mark Ruffalo

Brian B.