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Movie PictureLet's face it, last season of {1} wasn't very good. Without a few episodes of truly original creepiness and the coolness of Robert Patrick, the series really didn't have a chance. Now, as The X-Files enters into it's 9th season we are about to experience some major changes.

One of the main changes this season is that The X-Files will be battling aliens, monsters, and the unknown without Mulder. Instead we will be seeing lots of guest appearances, and a plotline that will introduce NEW FBI agents into the mix that will basically try and replace Mulder & Scully.

I watched the first episode of the season last night and I can say that I was not impressed. The storyline is so erratic now that the coolness of being vague in the past has now driveled down to being nothing more than bad writing. For example: Last night Agent John Doggett was in search of an answer about why Mulder was all of a sudden gone. What was the answer he got from Scully, as well as other the characters? "He's gone. He just is." Talk about frustrating.

There is still hope for The X-Files though. In a recent interview with Chris Charter, IGN's Filmforce found out that a sequel to the movie IS in the works with a hopeful release date of December 2003. Yes, David Duchovny has expressed interest in doing the sequel, as well as Gillian Anderson. What do we say about the series? Who knows. It's on thin ice with tons of X-Files fans. And who knows if bringing Cancer Man back this series will help The X-Files from drowning...we'll see.

In Lights Out news...

You'll be seeing some changes here at the site within the next few weeks. It's not gonna be anything drastic, BUT we will be serving up some really cool stuff! Stay tuned!

Movie PictureIn Death's End news, we shot 60% of Episode II yesterday! It was great fun and all of us here at Lights Out would like to thank everyone that showed up to help out! More scenes will be shot this week so if you're interested in being a zombie...{3}!!!Stay tuned...{4}