North By Northwest (100%)

North By Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock's hand is all over this adventure crime story. That Rotten Tomatoes gives this film 100% seems to have been a forgone conclusion more than anything. Who wouldn't be caught up in seeing Cary Grant being mistaken for being government agent by a bunch of foreign spies? The great fun of this film is seeing how Grant gets out of situation after situation to ultimately triumph. One thing the Tomatometer has taught us is that audiences and critics love seeing people they love surviving perilous situations.

Citizen Kane (100%)

Citizen Kane

With its still impressive use of camera angles, deep focus photography, and just about every other important cinema trope, Citizen Kane is still the gold standard by which a lot of films are measured. Some call it the best movie of all time. So if it got anything lower than a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it would be considered blasphemous. This films follows the exploits of Charles Foster Kane. However, everything we see in the movie is all to put that character's last word, "Rosebud," into context. There is something to be said for a film that is still beloved by all who see it and Rotten Tomatoes score reflects that.

Mud (100%)


Bet you didn't think you'd see Mud rank so high on Rotten Tomatoes, did you? Mud mainly got the attention it got because Matthew McConaughey was in it. However, this arty, incredibly well done, coming of age film is actually more about the two boys who encounter McConaughey's character than the character itself. Essentially, he is on the run and the boys help hide him. We've seen this on screen before. However, what we haven't seen are characters that resonate the way that these ones do. This simple story is breathtaking and when it ends you're a happier moviegoer for having seen it. A hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes? Does the Tomatometer go even higher?

The Last Picture Show (100%)

Te Last Picture Show

Peter Bogdanovich's tale of youth ending in a town that also seems to be going away is in many respects a perfect film, and it has the Rotten Tomatoes score to prove it. It is that rare mix of right director, right project and right tone that all makes for a sensational viewing experience. Lensed in magnificent black and white, it is no surprise that Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 100% once all the critics notices were tallied.