1946 December Movies

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

It's a Wonderful Life

  • 94%
  • NR
  • 130 min
  • Drama

An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he never existed.

Lady in the Lake (1946)

Lady in the Lake

    • 105 min
    • Crime

    Private detective Philip Marlowe is asked by a publishing executive, Adrienne Fromsett, to locate the wife of her boss, publisher Derace Kingsby. Earlier she had sent her husband a telegram saying she was heading to Mexico to marry Chris Lavery. However Kingsby had recently seen Lavery in the neighbouring Bay City. Marlowe pursues his investigation at the Kingsby's lakeside cottage.

    My Darling Clementine (1946)

    My Darling Clementine

    • 100%
    • 97 min
    • Drama

    "My Darling Clementine" is John Ford's retelling of the famous shoot out at the OK Corral that arose from the the Earp Clanton feud.

    The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

    The Best Years of Our Lives

    • 97%
    • PG
    • 172 min
    • Drama

    The Best Years of Our Lives is a classic film from director Williams Wyler about three war veterans. The film earned seven Oscars in 1946.

    Duel in the Sun (1946)

    Duel in the Sun

    • 81%
    • 144 min
    • Drama

    Beautiful half-breed Pearl Chavez becomes the ward of her dead father's first love and finds herself torn between her sons, one good and the other bad.

    Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball (1946)

    Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball

      • 62 min
      • Action

      A crime thriller based on the comic strip. Dick Tracy is up against an ex-con Cueball, who is stealing gems and murdering people.

      Gallant Bess (1946)

      Gallant Bess

        • 100 min
        • Drama

        Marshall Thompson stars in this MGM drama about a young soldier's devotion to a horse he rescues during WWII. (Not to be confused with "Adventures of Gallant Bess", another film released two years later.)

        Great Expectations (1946)

        Great Expectations

        • 100%
        • NR
        • 118 min
        • Drama

        A humble orphan suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor.

        Green for Danger (1946)

        Green for Danger

          • 91 min
          • Crime

          In the midst of Nazi air raids, a postman dies on the operating table at a rural English hospital. But was the death accidental?

          I've Always Loved You (1946)

          I've Always Loved You

            • Unrated
            • 117 min
            • Drama

            A beautiful young concert pianist is torn between her attraction to her arrogant but brilliant maestro and her love for a farm boy she left back home.

            Let There Be Light (1946)

            Let There Be Light

              • Unrated
              • 58 min
              • Documentary

              The final entry in a trilogy of films produced for the U.S. government by John Huston. This documentary film follows 75 U.S. soldiers who have sustained debilitating emotional trauma and depression. A series of scenes chronicle their entry into a psychiatric hospital, their treatment and eventual recovery. Despite being originally commissioned by the U.S. army the film was censored and suppressed by the government until the 1980's, it deals with what would now be called PTSD but at the time was...

              Out California Way (1946)

              Out California Way

                • Unrated
                • 67 min
                • Western

                An interesting oddity in Republic's B-western series but certainly not the first or only time the studio used a movie set as the backdrop of a plot line. Newcomer Monte Hale is tying to just get a job in western films when he meet young Danny McCoy and his sister Gloria. Danny is trying to get his horse, "Pardner" into films. Monte sings a song and "Pardner" does some tricks and a casting director notices. Monte gets a singing-cowboy role and the horse gets a bit, but...

                Paisà (1946)


                  • 120 min
                  • Drama

                  Six vignettes follow the Allied invasion from July 1943 to winter 1944, from Sicily north to Venice.

                  Roma città libera (La notte porta consiglio) (1946)

                  Roma città libera (La notte porta consiglio)

                    • Unrated
                    • 81 min
                    • Comedy

                    In a post-war Rome (1946) a cat burglar inadvertently saves the life of a would-be suicide man who returns from the war to find that he has been betrayed by his fiancée while fighting in the war. From that moment the thief takes the ex-soldier under his wing. They leave house together for a night full of misadventures. In a streets of Rome they meet the struggling typist who can’t pay her rent and opts to street life; a wandering amnesiac who lost his memory and keeps asking everyone “Do...

                    Stagecoach to Denver (1946)

                    Stagecoach to Denver

                      • Unrated
                      • 54 min
                      • Western

                      Lambert has the stagecoach wrecked killing the Commissioner so his phony replacement can alter Coonskin's land survey. When Red Ryder exposes the survey hoax, Lambert has his stooge Sheriff put Red in jail.

                      - Written by

                      Maurice VanAuken <[email protected]>

                      The Locket (1946)

                      The Locket

                        • 85 min
                        • Drama

                        A dark personal secret drives a young woman to use every man she encounters.

                        The Secret Heart (1946)

                        The Secret Heart

                          • 97 min
                          • Drama

                          A recent widow tries to help her emotionally disturbed stepdaughter.

                          The Yearling (1946)

                          The Yearling

                            • 128 min
                            • Drama

                            Jody convinces his parents to allow him to adopt a young deer, but what will happen if the deer misbehaves?

                            Till the Clouds Roll By (1946)

                            Till the Clouds Roll By

                              • 132 min
                              • Biography

                              Light bio-pic of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern, featuring renditions of the famous songs from his musical plays by contemporary stage artists, including a condensed production of his most famous: Showboat.

                              Utamaro and His Five Women (1946)

                              Utamaro and His Five Women

                                • Unrated
                                • 94 min
                                • Drama

                                Utamaro, a great artist, lives to create portraits of beautiful women, and the brothels of Tokyo provide his models. A world of passion swirls around him, as the women in his life vie for lovers. And, occasionally, his art gets him into trouble. Written by George S. Davis <[email protected]>