1954 Horror Movies

Godzilla (1954)


    • NONE
    • 79 min
    • Drama

    The original 1954 uncut Japanese version hits U.S. theaters. A 400-foot monster reptile with radioactive breath is revived, thanks to nuclear testing. It goes on a mad rampage, destroying Tokyo - how will they kill it?

    Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

    Creature from the Black Lagoon

    • 84%
    • G
    • 79 min
    • Adventure

    A scientific expedition searching for fossils along the Amazon River discover a prehistoric Gill-Man in the legendary Black Lagoon. The explorers capture the mysterious creature, but it breaks free. The Gill-Man returns to kidnap the lovely Kay, fiancée of one of the expedition, with whom it has fallen in love.

    Them! (1954)


    • 100%
    • 94 min
    • Horror

    Nuclear tests in the desert result in the growth of gigantic mutant ants who menace cities in the American south-west as a team of investigators and the army search for a way to control their spread in this Cold War-era monster film.

    Gog (1954)


      • 85 min
      • Drama

      A security agent investigates sabotage and murder at a secret underground laboratory, home of two experimental robots. When things start going wrong at a holed-away government laboratory in the New Mexico desert, a special agent arrives from Washington to investigate. But what he finds -- a pair of murderous robots named Gog and Magog -- is stranger than fiction. This film is the third installment of creator Ivan Tors's series of science-fiction films, coming after The Magnetic Monster and...

      Killers from Space (1954)

      Killers from Space

        • 71 min
        • Sci-Fi

        Dr. Douglas Martin is a scientist working on atomic bomb tests. While collecting aerial data on an Air Force atomic blast at Soledad Flats, his plane crashes. He survives the crash unhurt, except for a strange scar on his chest. At the base hospital, he does not remember what happened. He acts so strangely that the authorities bring in the FBI, thinking he may be an impostor. He is cleared, bu

        Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954)

        Monster from the Ocean Floor

          • Unrated
          • 64 min
          • Horror

          Swimming near a Mexican village that has been terrorized by a sea monster, Julie Blaie (Anne Kimball), and American artist, is terrified when an object rises to the surface. It turns out to be a one-man submarine piloted by biologist Steve Dunning ('Stuart Wade' (qb)). Later an abalone diver vanishes and Julie faints after seeing the monster's eye rise from the sea. Pablo (Wyott Ordung) and Tula (Inez Palange) plot to offer Julie as a sacrifice to their gods. Pablo deliberately...

          Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954)

          Phantom of the Rue Morgue

            • Unrated
            • 83 min
            • Crime

            After several women are murdered, the police are baffled who the suspect is. All evidence points to Dupin, but soon it becomes apparent that it is something that is stronger and more deadlier than man.

            - Written by

            Brian Washington <[email protected]>

            Secret of the Incas (1954)

            Secret of the Incas

              • Unrated
              • 100 min
              • Action

              An Inca legend says the Inca Empire was destroyed by the gods when a gold and jeweled star burst was stolen from the Temple of the Sun centuries ago, and the ancient civilization will spring anew when the treasure is returned. The natives want it but so does Harry Steele, an American adventurer of slightly-shady ways who wants it for personal gain, as does his adversary, a grizzled old man even more into skulduggery than Steele. The latter teams up with Elena Antonescu, an Iron...

              The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters (1954)

              The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters

                • 65 min
                • Comedy

                Slip, Sach and the rest of the Bowery Boys enter a haunted house, where they engage in slapstick with a gorilla, a robot and a vampire

                The Mad Magician (1954)

                The Mad Magician

                  • 72 min
                  • Horror

                  Vincent Price plays Gallico the great, an inventor of stage-magic effects who aspires to become a star in his own right. Just before his first performance, his act is shut down by capricious manager Ormond who wants Gallico's brilliant buzzsaw effect for the act of the Great Rinaldi, an established star. With this defeat, and the humiliation of having already lost his wife Claire to his rival, Gallico goes insane and uses the buzzsaw to decapitate his manager.

                  The Snow Creature (1954)

                  The Snow Creature

                    • Unrated
                    • 71 min
                    • Horror

                    Botanist Frank Parrish leads an expedition to the Himalayas to seek out new flora, accompanied by hardboiled news photographer Peter Wells. When their lead guide, Subra, learns his wife has been kidnapped by a Yeti, Parrish disbelieves him, so the sherpas commandeer the expedition at gunpoint and turn it into a search-and-rescue party. To Parrish's surprise, they discover a whole family of Yetis in a cave, and are able to subdue the male and carry it back to civilization, to ship to the...