1967 April Movies (By Date)

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (1967)

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

    • PG
    • 90 min
    • Comedy

    An expedition in the South Pacific lands on a tropical island where the natives worship the mysterious deity Gappa. An earthquake opens up an underground cavern and a baby reptile is discovered inside. The natives warn the foreigners to leave the hatching alone, but they don't listen and take it back to a zoo in Japan. Soon after, moma and papa Gappa start smashing Tokyo looking for their kidnapped child. Written by Jeremy Lunt <[email protected]>

    Kavkazskaya plennitsa, ili Novye priklyucheniya Shurika (1967)

    Kavkazskaya plennitsa, ili Novye priklyucheniya Shurika

      • 82 min
      • Comedy

      In this comic but dated story, nerdy Shurik travels to Caucas in search of native legends and folklore...

      "The Jeffersons" Double Trouble

        • G
        • 30 min
        • Comedy
        Un homme de trop (1967)

        Un homme de trop

          • PG
          • 110 min
          • Drama

          A French resistance group liberates some German prisoners. Turns out one of them is a spy.

          The Karate Killers (1967)

          The Karate Killers

            • PG
            • 90 min
            • Comedy

            International spies Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) travel around the globe in an effort to track down a secret formula that was divided into four parts and left by a dying scientist with his four of five daughters, all of whom live in different countries. His widow, Amanda, is murdered at the beginning by the counter-spies of the organization THRUSH. Evil THRUSH agent Randolph also wants the formula, and is aided by his karate-chopping henchmen.

            Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? (1967)

            Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince?

              • Unrated
              • 4 min
              • Comedy

              At the height of the popularity of "Batman" (1966), producer William Dozier produced this short film in hopes of getting approval from Warner Brothers to produce a pilot episode for a "Wonder Woman" series, based on the comic book. Unlike "Batman," which was campy adventure, "Wonder Woman" was going to be a straight comedy series, along the lines of "Captain Nice." The resulting short written by several writers on the Batman series failed to...

              Casino Royale (1967)

              Casino Royale

              • 29%
              • NR
              • 131 min
              • Action

              After the death of M, Sir James Bond is called back out of retirement to stop SMERSH. In order to trick SMERSH and Le Chiffre, Bond thinks up the ultimate plan. That every agent will be named James Bond. One of the Bonds, whose real name is Evelyn Tremble is sent to take on Le Chiffre in a game of baccarat, but all the Bonds get more than they can handle, especially when the ultimate villain turns out to be Bonds nephew, Jimmy Bond.

              It's a Bikini World (1967)

              It's a Bikini World

                • 86 min
                • Comedy

                Male chauvinist Mike attempts to get an intelligent burgeoning feminist Delilah into his harem. When she resists, Mike then poses as his brother Herbert, but in the process falls in love with Delilah.

                Caprice (1967)


                  • 98 min
                  • Comedy

                  In this comedy-thriller, Patricia Foster is an industrial designer who gets herself into a whole heap of trouble when she sells a secret cosmetics formula to a rival company in Paris.

                  Degree of Murder (1967)

                  Degree of Murder

                    • 87 min
                    • Drama

                    When a young woman accidentally kills her ex-lover during a fight, she decides to conceal the body. Unfortunately, however, our anti-hero is less than honorable and becomes involved with not one but both of the men she finds to help her with his disposal at a construction site. And that's just one of the problems this little case of murder and deception starts.

                    Paranoia (1967)


                      • Unrated
                      • 102 min
                      • Drama

                      A man is under the illusion he is a wanted war criminal. After killing two people he commits suicide.

                      Fitzwilly (1967)


                        • Unrated
                        • 102 min
                        • Comedy

                        When Miss Vicki's father dies, she becomes the world's greatest philanthropist. Unfortunately, she is flat broke! Her loyal butler, Claude Fitzwilliam, leads the household staff to rob from various businesses by charging goods to various wealthy people and misdirecting the shipments, all to keep Miss Vicki's standard of living. After Fitzwilly's mother died Miss Vicki helped raise him and he loves her like a mother and would do anything for her. With Fitzwilly's...

                        Mudar de Vida (1967)

                        Mudar de Vida

                          • Unrated
                          • 90 min
                          • Drama

                          After a stint in the army fighting in Angola, a soldier comes home to find his sweetheart has married his brother. He makes advances towards his sister-in-law, but she turns him down. Discouraged, the man meets a new girlfriend who vows to escape the town's crushing poverty even if she has to steal. The two begin a relationship but the film does not indicate what their future may hold

                          OK Connery (1967)

                          OK Connery

                            • R
                            • 104 min
                            • Thriller

                            The evil crime syndicate Thanatos is bent on taking over the world, using a magnetic wave generator that will cause all metal-based machinery to grind to a halt. However, the well-known British secret agent normally assigned to such tasks isn't available, so they engage his civilian brother, Neil, to help. Neil, played by Neil Connery, is a world-class plastic surgeon, hypnotist, and lip-reader, which turn out to be precisely the skills required for thwarting Thanatos. Written by Leo...

                            The Epic That Never Was (1967)

                            The Epic That Never Was

                              • Unrated
                              • 74 min
                              • Documentary

                              The story of the aborted 1937 filming of "I, Claudius", starring Charles Laughton, with all of its surviving footage.

                              The Ride to Hangman's Tree (1967)

                              The Ride to Hangman's Tree

                                • NR
                                • 90 min
                                • Western

                                Three young outlaws try to stay together and keep one step ahead of the law.

                                Elvira Madigan (1967)

                                Elvira Madigan

                                  • PG
                                  • 91 min
                                  • Drama

                                  Hedvig Jensen is a famous ropewalker and is known to her public as Elvira Madigan. She meets Lieutenant Sixten Sparre, a Swedish officer who is married and has two children. They both decide to run away, but since Sixten deserted the army, he cannot find any job and the couple encounters many hardships. Moreover, while on the run, Sixten meets a friend who tries to convince him to come back to his country and family. Written by Papakamayo

                                  The Double Man (1967)

                                  The Double Man

                                    • 105 min
                                    • Mystery

                                    In a complex piece of espionage the Russian secret service attempts to kidnap a high ranking officer in the CIA and replace him with a double of its own.

                                    8 on the Lam (1967)

                                    8 on the Lam

                                      • 107 min
                                      • Comedy

                                      Bank teller and widower with seven kids, Bob Hope finds $10,000 in a parking lot.

                                      The 25th Hour (1967)

                                      The 25th Hour

                                        • Unrated
                                        • 121 min
                                        • Drama

                                        A Romanian peasant fights to get back to his family after he's imprisoned by the Nazis.The picture is based on real events. It includes Hungary's government in collaboration with the Nazis, the encroachment of Romania by Stalin's troopers, and other happenings.