1968 February Movies

Planet of the Apes (1968)

Planet of the Apes

  • 89%
  • G
  • 112 min
  • Adventure

An astronaut crew crash lands on a planet in the distant future where intelligent talking apes are the dominant species, and humans are the oppressed and enslaved.

The Odd Couple (1968)

The Odd Couple

  • 100%
  • G
  • 105 min
  • Comedy

Felix Ungar has just broken up with his wife. Despondant, he goes to kill himself but is saved by his friend Oscar Madison. With nowhere else to go, Felix is urged by Oscar to move in with him, at least for a while. The only problem is that Felix is neat, tidy, and neurotic, whereas Oscar is slovenly and casual.

Il grande silenzio (1968)

Il grande silenzio

    • 105 min
    • Western

    The Great Silence (Il grande silenzio, 1968), or The Big Silence, is an Italian spaghetti western. The movie features a score by Ennio Morricone and stars Jean-Louis Trintignant as Silence, a mute gunfighter with a grudge against bounty hunters, assisting a group of outlawed Mormons and a woman trying to avenge her husband (one of the outlaws). They are set against a group of ruthless bounty hunters, led by Loco (Klaus Kinski). It is one of Corbucci's better known movies. Unlike most...

    Alexandre le bienheureux (1968)

    Alexandre le bienheureux

      • G
      • 100 min
      • Comedy

      Alexandre est cultivateur dans une petite ferme française, mais sa femme le pousse à bout de force en lui imposant chaque jour une liste de travaux démesurée. Devenu brutalement veuf, il éprouve un grand soulagement et se sent libéré de son labeur : il décide de s'accorder un repos qu'il juge mérité, afin de prendre le temps de savourer la vie.

      Blackbeard's Ghost (1968)

      Blackbeard's Ghost

      • 80%
      • G
      • 106 min
      • Comedy

      Peter Ustinov stars as the eponymous wraith, who returns to Earth to aid his descendant, elderly Elsa Lanchester (Stowecroft). The villains want to kick Lanchester and her friends out of their group home so that they can build a crooked casino. Good guy Steve Walker (Jones) gets caught in the middle of the squabble after evoking Blackbeard's ghost.

      Bye Bye Braverman (1968)

      Bye Bye Braverman

        • 94 min
        • Comedy

        Friends gather for the funeral of a friend. Sub-plots unfold as the group attempts to link-up to attend the funeral of their friend, Braverman.

        Countdown (1968)


          • 101 min
          • Sci-Fi

          A scientist (James Caan) replaces a military officer (Robert Duvall) as an astronaut on a space-race moonshot.

          Kuroneko (1968)


          • 94%
          • Unrated
          • 99 min
          • Fantasy

          In the Sengoku period, a woman and her daughter are raped and murdered by soldiers during a time of civil war. Afterwards, a series of samurai returning from the war through that area are found mysteriously dead with their throats torn out. The governor calls in a wild and fierce young hero to quell what is evidently a Onryō ghost. He encounters the two beautiful women in an eerie, beautiful scene. After spiritual purification, he meets the demon in a thrilling fight.

          Sweet November (1968)

          Sweet November

            • Unrated
            • 114 min
            • Documentary

            Sara Deever, a kooky Brooklyn Heights girl, sublets apartments and paints in her spare time. Each month, Sara selects from her lodgers a new lover - but only on the condition that he will let their affair end when the month expires. When Charlie Blake, a box manufacturer and her lover-of-the-month, falls in love with her, he is unwilling to give her up. Sara insists, even though it is obvious that she too has fallen in love. As the month runs out, Charlie searches desperately...

            Tell Me Lies (1968)

            Tell Me Lies

              • Unrated
              • 118 min
              • Drama

              Adapted and directed by Peter Brook from the Royal Shakespeare Company’s ‘production-in-progress US’, this long-unseen agitprop drama-doc – shot in London in 1967 and released only briefly in the UK and New York at the height of the Vietnam War – remains both thought-provoking and disturbing. A theatrical and cinematic social comment on US intervention in Vietnam, Brook’s film also reveals a 1960s London where art, theatre and political protest actively collude and where a young...

              The Blood Beast Terror (1968)

              The Blood Beast Terror

                • G
                • 88 min
                • Crime

                A scientist, working with genetics, creates a creature that is capable of transforming back and forth between a giant Death Head moth and a beautiful woman. The creature masquerades as his daughter when she is in her human incarnation and feeds on the blood of her victims when she is in the moth form. Written by Dave Gan <[email protected]>

                The Chronicle of Anna Magdelena Bach (1968)

                The Chronicle of Anna Magdelena Bach

                  • Unrated
                  • 94 min
                  • Biography

                  A chronicle of Johann Sebastian Bach's life, eschewing drama to focus almost entirely on his music. Narrated by his wife Anna in voiceover, it consists largely of static scenes of Bach conducting and/or playing his brilliant compositions. Written by Mike D'Angelo <[email protected]>

                  The Power (1968)

                  The Power

                    • 108 min
                    • Sci-Fi

                    One by one members of a special project team are being killed by telekinesis - the ability to move things with the power of the mind alone. The race is on to determine which of the remaining team members is the murderer and to stop them.

                    The Ruthless Four (1968)

                    The Ruthless Four

                      • Unrated
                      • 100 min
                      • Western

                      This superior Spaghetti western scrutinizes the greed and paranoia that afflict four men as they struggle among themselves to unearth a fortune in gold from a remote Southwestern mine without falling prey to each other's bullets.

                      The Secret War of Harry Frigg (1968)

                      The Secret War of Harry Frigg

                        • 110 min
                        • Comedy

                        When 5 allied generals are captured in Italy in WWII, it is a propaganda nightmare for the allies. The generals are all 1 star and refuse to take orders from each other in order to plan an escape. Harry Frigg is a private who has escaped from the guard house dozens of times. He is promoted to Major General and ordered to get the generals out once he is captured. Harry is willing to escape, but then he meets the countess...

                        Un diablo bajo la almohada (1968)

                        Un diablo bajo la almohada

                          • Unrated
                          • 105 min

                          Anselmo is a young anthropologist who is tormented by jealousy, and although his wife Camilla does not give reasons, keeps a close eye on her. After consulting a psychiatrist, the doctor says the problem is him and not his wife. So he plots to verify, once and for all, if his suspicions are true. By chance he meets an old friend, Lotario, who seems the ideal person to carry out his plans. What Anselmo does not know is that his friend is a real womanizer who ends seducing his wife.