1968 July Movies

The Green Berets (1968)

The Green Berets

  • 30%
  • G
  • 141 min
  • Drama

Col. Mike Kirby picks two teams of crack Green Berets for a mission in South Vietnam. First off is to build and control a camp that is trying to be taken by the enemy the second mission is to kidnap a North Vietnamese General

Hang 'Em High (1968)

Hang 'Em High

  • 92%
  • PG-13
  • 114 min
  • Crime

Marshall Jed Cooper survives a hanging, vowing revenge on the lynch mob that left him dangling. To carry out his oath for vengeance, he returns to his former job as a lawman. Before long, he's caught up with the nine men on his hit list and starts dispensing his own brand of Wild West justice.

Yellow Submarine (1968)

Yellow Submarine

  • 96%
  • G
  • 90 min
  • Animation

The Blue Meanies take over Pepperland, draining it of all its color and music, firing anti-music missiles, bonking people with green apples, and turning the inhabitants to stone by way of the pointed finger of a giant white glove. As the only survivor, the Lord Admiral escapes in the yellow submarine and goes to London to enlist the help of the Beatles.

5 Card Stud (1968)

5 Card Stud

    • PG
    • 103 min
    • Western

    After a card shark is caught cheating, he is taken out and lynched by the drunkards he was playing against. Soon afterwards, the men who were in the lynch mob start being murdered, one after another; all by hanging. Who will be killed next and who is responsible? Is it one of the original party seeking to cover their accursed deed, or perhaps the mysterious Rev. Jonathan Rudd, who has recently arrived in town? Written by Alfred Jingle

    Anzio (1968)


      • PG
      • 117 min
      • Drama

      Allied forces land at Anzio unopposed but instead of moving straight inland their commanding officer decides to dig in. A battle-hardened war correspondent borrows a jeep and drives to Rome and back without meeting any German forces, but his report on this absence of the enemy is discounted. By the time it is finally decided to make a move the Germans have arrived in strength and a prolonged ...

      Corruption (1968)


        • 91 min
        • Horror

        A surgeon discovers that he can restore the beauty to his girlfriend's scarred face by murdering other women and extracting fluids from their pituitary gland. However, the effects only last for a short time, so he has to kill more and more women. It is ultimately a killing spree which ends with considerable death and disaster.

        Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968)

        Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River

          • G
          • 99 min
          • Comedy

          George Lester is a man who is chasing rainbows, looking for the pot of gold at the end. When his wife, Pamela grows tired of being dragged all over the world, she leaves him. While she is away, George converts her family home into a discotheque, when she returns, she threatens to send George to jail for fraud, cause she didn't give her approval. George needing some fast bucks, decides to turn to an old cohort of his, William Homer but Willy's a little short. George then decides to...

          Frankenstein's Bloody Terror (1968)

          Frankenstein's Bloody Terror

            • Unrated
            • 88 min
            • Horror

            A man suffers from the curse of lycanthrope and seeks help from doctor and wife team. They both turn out to be vampires and end up dueling it out with the werewolf star. Written by Humberto Amador

            In Enemy Country (1968)

            In Enemy Country

              • 107 min
              • Action

              To mislead the Germans during WWII, Col. Charles Waslow-Carton induces one of his closest friends, Maj. Miral, whose days are numbered by an incurable ailment to volunteer to be secretly court-martialed and shot, ostensibly for having betrayed to the Germans his country's mobilization orders.

              Inspector Clouseau (1968)

              Inspector Clouseau

                • G
                • 96 min
                • Comedy

                Detective Inspector is borrowed from the Surete on special assignment for Scotland Yard in hopes that a fresh outlook will help the government recover the loot from the Great Train Robbery, which is being used to underwrite a new crime wave. What they don't count on, however, is having more than one Clouseau on the job.

                Little Norse Prince Valiant (1968)

                Little Norse Prince Valiant

                  • 82 min
                  • Animation

                  Japanese animated feature. The adventures of a little Norwegian boy who is given the Sword of the Sun by a gigantic rock man in order to fight the evil Grunwald, King of the Frost. The boy returns to his native village, defeats Grunwald and saves his people. By doing these deeds he then becomes known as Prince of the Sun.

                  Salt and Pepper (1968)

                  Salt and Pepper

                    • Unrated
                    • 102 min
                    • Comedy

                    After discovering the body of a murdered female agent in their trendy Soho, London nightclub, groovy owners Charles Salt and Christopher Pepper partake in a fumbling investigation and uncover an evil plot to overthrow the government. Can our cool, yet inept duo stop the bad guys in time? Written by Woodyanders

                    Signs of Life (1968)

                    Signs of Life

                    • 88%
                    • Unrated
                    • 91 min
                    • Drama

                    On Crete, a wounded German paratrooper named Stroszek is sent to the quiet city of Kos with his wife Nora, a Greek nurse, and two other soldiers recovering from minor wounds. Billeted in a decaying fortress, they guard a munitions depot. There's little to do: Becker, a classicist, translates inscriptions on ancient tablets found in the fortress, Meinhart devises traps for cockroaches, Nora helps Stroszek make fireworks using gunpowder from grenades in the depot. Slowly, in the heat and...

                    The Devil's Bride (1968)

                    The Devil's Bride

                      • G
                      • 95 min
                      • Horror

                      The powers of good are pitted against the forces of evil as the Duc de Richelieu wrestles with the charming but deadly Satanist, Mocata, for the soul of his friend. Mocata has the knowledge and the power to summon the forces of darkness and, as the Duc de Richelieu and his friends remain within the protected pentacle, they are subjected to ever-increasing horror until thundering hooves herald the arrival of the Angel of Death.

                      The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1968)

                      The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

                      • 100%
                      • 123 min
                      • Drama

                      Singer is a deaf-mute whose small world brings him in contact with a young girl, Mick, who cherishes a seemingly hopeless dream of becoming a concert pianist. At first hostile, Mick soon becomes friends with Singer, hoping to enlarge his small world. Three other central characters come to Singer for help also, each of them seeing in him a powerful force.

                      The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968)

                      The Shakiest Gun in the West

                        • Unrated
                        • 101 min
                        • Comedy

                        Jesse W. Haywood graduates from dental school in Philadelphia in 1870 and goes west "to fight oral ignorance." Meanwhile stagecoach robber Penelope "Bad Penny" Cushing is offered a pardon if she will track down a ring of gun smugglers. She tricks the bungling Haywood into a fictitious marriage as a disguise, and he becomes the heroic "Doc the Haywood" after he guns down "Arnold the Kid" and performs other exploits with Penny's help (unbeknown to him...