1977 Horror Movies

Suspiria (1977)


  • 95%
  • R
  • 98 min
  • Horror

A young American dancer travels to Europe to join a famous ballet school. As she arrives, the camera turns to another young woman, who appears to be fleeing from the school. She returns to her apartment where she is gruesomely murdered by a hideous creature. Meanwhile, the young American is trying to settle in at the ballet school, but hears strange noises and is troubled by bizarre occurrences. She eventually discovers that the school is merely a front for a much more sinister organization.

Eraserhead (1977)


  • 91%
  • NR
  • 108 min
  • Fantasy

Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

The Sentinel (1977)

The Sentinel

  • 50%
  • R
  • 92 min
  • Horror

A commitment-shy New York fashion model moves into an old brownstone apartment, meets her weird neighbours and discovers she’s sitting on the gateway to Hell.

The Deep (1977)

The Deep

  • 36%
  • PG
  • 123 min
  • Adventure

A pair of young vacationers are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a way into a deadly Caribbean wreck. Featuring extended underwater sequences and a look into the affairs of treasure hunting. Based on a novel by Peter 'Jaws' Benchley.

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The Hills Have Eyes

  • 64%
  • R
  • 89 min
  • Horror

When their camper breaks down in the desert on their way to California, a desperate family struggles to survive the attacks of a bizarre cannibalistic family, hungry for fresh meat and determined to terrorize the innocent vacationers. As members of the Carter clan fall prey to these inbred marauders, only a son and daughter remain to rescue their kidnapped infant and seek vengeance against the savages who have destroyed their family.

The Car (1977)

The Car

    • PG
    • 96 min
    • Horror

    A sleek, possessed car terrorizes everyone it comes in contact with.

    Rabid (1977)


      • R
      • 91 min
      • Horror

      After undergoing radical surgery for injuries from a motorcycle accident, a young woman (former adult film star Marilyn Chambers) develops a strange phallic growth on her body and a thirst for human blood -- the only nourishment that will now sustain her.

      Orca (1977)


        • PG
        • 92 min
        • Adventure

        After witnessing the killing of his mate and offspring at Captain Nolan's hands, a vengeful killer whale goes on a rampage in the fisherman's Newfoundland harbor. Under pressure from the villagers, Nolan, Rachel and Umilak sail after the great beast, who will meet them on it's own turf.

        Hausu (1977)


          • 88 min
          • Comedy

          Oshare (Gorgeous) is excited about spending summer vacation with her father, until she finds out that his beautiful, freakishly serene girlfriend Ryouko would be going as well. Oshare decides she will be going to her aunt's house in the country instead. She brings with her her friends from school - Fanta (who likes to take pictures, and daydreams a lot), KunFuu (who has very good reflexes), Gari/Prof (who is a major nerd), Sweet (who likes to clean), Mac (who eats a lot), and Melody (a...

          Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

          Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals

            • Unrated
            • 85 min
            • Adventure

            While doing undercover work in a mental hospital, Emanuelle discovers a girl who seems to have been raised by a tribe of amazonian cannibals. Intrigued, Emanuelle and friends travel deep into the Amazon jungle, where they find that the supposedly extinct tribe of cannibals is still very much alive, and Emanuelle and her party are not welcome visitors.

            - Written by

            Jonathan Ruskin <[email protected]>

            Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

            Exorcist II: The Heretic

              • R
              • 118 min
              • Horror

              Bizarre nightmares plague Regan MacNeil four years after her possession and exorcism. Has the demon returned? And if so, can the combined faith and knowledge of a Vatican investigator and a hypnotic research specialist free her from its grasp?

              Last Cannibal World (1977)

              Last Cannibal World

                • Unrated
                • 88 min
                • Adventure

                A plane crashes in the jungle. One of the survivors gets lost and while trying to find a way out of the jungle he gets captured by cannibals. He is humiliated, stripped naked, and thrown in a hole with a bird for a while. Eventually, he escapes with the help of a cannibal girl and tries to find his plane so he can go home. Written by Josh Pasnak <[email protected]>

                Demon Seed (1977)

                Demon Seed

                • 67%
                • R
                • 94 min
                • Horror

                A scientist creates Proteus, an organic super computer with artificial intelligence which becomes obsessed with human beings, and in particular the creators wife.

                Jabberwocky (1977)


                  • PG
                  • 105 min
                  • Adventure

                  A medieval tale with Pythonesque humour: After the death of his father the young Dennis Cooper goes to town where he has to pass several adventures. The town and the whole kingdom is threatened by a terrible monster called 'Jabberwocky'. Will Dennis make his fortune? Is anyone brave enough to defeat the monster?

                  Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

                  Kingdom of the Spiders

                  • 44%
                  • PG
                  • 97 min
                  • Sci-Fi

                  Investigating the mysterious deaths of a number of farm animals, vet Rack Hansen discovers that his town lies in the path of hoards of migrating tarantulas. Before he can take action, the streets are overrun by killer spiders, trapping a small group of towns folk in a remote hotel.

                  Alien Prey (1977)

                  Alien Prey

                    • 78 min
                    • Horror

                    The day after a weird green light is seen in the English sky, a strange young man stops at the country home of two lesbian housemates. It turns out that the man is an alien, and a hungry one

                    Alucarda (1977)


                      • R
                      • 74 min
                      • Horror

                      A young girl's arrival at a convent after the death of her parents marks the beginning of a series of events that unleash an evil presence on the girl and her mysterious new friend, an enigmatic figure known as Alucarda. Demonic possession, Satan worship, and vampirism follows. Written by acidxian

                      Audrey Rose (1977)

                      Audrey Rose

                      • 56%
                      • PG
                      • 113 min
                      • Drama

                      Ivy Templeton is a nearly eleven year old girl, living with her parents, Janice and Bill Templeton, in New York. The parents notice a stranger stalking them over the course of a few weeks, and discover, over lunch with him, that his name is Elliot Hoover, and that he is convinced their daughter is a reincarnation of his daughter Audrey Rose, who died in a fiery car accident, along with his wife, two minutes before Ivy was born. Hoover had come to believe this through information given to him by...

                      Beyond the Door II (1977)

                      Beyond the Door II

                        • R
                        • 93 min
                        • Horror

                        A couple is terrorized in their new house haunted by the vengeful ghost of the woman's former husband who possesses her young son.

                        Black Rain (1977)

                        Black Rain

                          • PG
                          • 106 min
                          • Drama

                          A Sydney lawyer defends five Aborigines in a ritualized taboo murder and in the process learns disturbing things about himself.