1978 Horror Movies

Halloween (1978)


  • 92%
  • R
  • 91 min
  • Horror

HALLOWEEN takes us into the world of a mad killer, Michael Myers, who at a very young age stabbed his older sister to death. Locked away for many years in a mental hospital Michael escapes one night and returns to his home to continue his killing spree. Jamie Lee Curtis, in her first role, plays the resourceful babysitter who is chased by the killer on Halloween night.

Jaws 2 (1978)

Jaws 2

  • 53%
  • PG
  • 116 min
  • Horror

Four years after the events of the original "Jaws", the town of Amity suddenly experiences series of mysterious boating accidents and disappearances. Chief of Police, Martin Brody, fears that another shark is out there, but he is ignored by the townsfolk. Unfortunately, he's right. There is another Great White in the sea. And it wants revenge.

I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

I Spit on Your Grave

    • X
    • 100 min
    • Horror

    An aspiring writer is repeatedly gang-raped, humiliated, and left for dead by four men whom she systematically hunts down to seek revenge.

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    • 96%
    • PG
    • 115 min
    • Horror

    The first remake of the paranoid infiltration classic moves the setting for the invasion from a small town to the city of San Fransisco and starts as Matthew Bennell notices that several of his friends are complaining that their close relatives are in some way different. When questioned later they themselves seem changed as they deny everything or make lame excuses. As the invaders increase in number they become more open and Bennell, who has by now witnessed an attempted "replacement" realises...

    Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

    Dawn Of The Dead

      • NONE
      • 126 min
      • Horror

      Picking up where NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD left off, and still offering no explanation of why the dead are walking the earth, DAWN plunges headlong into one of the most violent and original horror films ever made. After securing an apartment building overcome with flesh-eating zombies, two Philadelphia area SWAT team members, Peter (Ken Foree) and Roger (Scott Reiniger), flee to a television station, where they escape in the station�s helicopter with Francine (Gaylen Ross) and Stephen...

      The Boys from Brazil (1978)

      The Boys from Brazil

      • 70%
      • R
      • 125 min
      • Drama

      Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman discovers a sinister and bizarre plot to rekindle the Third Reich.

      The Fury (1978)

      The Fury

      • 78%
      • 118 min
      • Drama

      A government agent is determined to come to his son's rescue, when a sinister official kidnaps him to harness his extremely powerful psychic abilities.

      Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

      Eyes of Laura Mars

      • 47%
      • 104 min
      • Horror

      Suddenly Laura Mars can see through the eyes of a serial killer as he commits his crimes.

      Piranha (1978)


      • 72%
      • R
      • 94 min
      • Comedy

      A young couple stumble across an abandoned US Army test site on a mountain, in which is a huge pool. Thinking it's an ordinary swimming pool, they jump in. But this pool is home to the piranha, and the couple are eaten alive. A young woman P.I. is hired by the father of one of the missing kids to find them, and she meets up with an alcoholic outdoorsman who lives on the mountain. The two of them find the test site and drain the pool to see what's in it. As they do they are accosted by Dr. Hoak...

      La montagna del dio cannibale (1978)

      La montagna del dio cannibale

        • R
        • 99 min
        • Adventure

        A girl and her brother fly to New Guinea to look for a lost expedition, led by her husband, which has vanished in the great jungle.

        Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

        Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

        • 27%
        • PG
        • 87 min
        • Comedy

        Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is a 1978 comedy film directed by John De Bello and starring David Miller. The film is a spoof of B-movies. Made on a budget of less than USD $100,000, the story involves tomatoes becoming sentient by unknown means and revolting against humanity.

        Damien: Omen II (1978)

        Damien: Omen II

        • 43%
        • R
        • 107 min
        • Horror

        Since the sudden and highly suspicious death of his parents, 12-year-old Damien has been in the charge of his wealthy aunt and uncle (Lee Grant and William Holden). Widely feared to be the Antichrist, Damien relentlessly plots to seize control of his uncle's business empire - and the world. Meanwhile, anyone attempting to unravel the secrets of Damien's sinister past or fiendish future meets with a swift and cruel demise.In this chilling sequel to The Omen, the forces of good and evil battle...

        The Legacy (1978)

        The Legacy

          • 102 min
          • Horror

          Six beautiful people arrive for a weekend in the country. Six guests of the unseen host who lies wasting away upstairs...Five heirs to a mysterious Legacy watch the body of the sixth float to the side of the pool...Four claim the unspeakable power of the Legacy, while a red stain spreads across the ceiling...Three realize that the Legacy has come to claim THEM, while outside dogs dine on what was once a man...And then there are two.

          Angel Guts: High School Co-Ed (1978)

          Angel Guts: High School Co-Ed

            • G
            • 79 min
            • Horror

            Three gangsters spend their time assaulting students until their leader feels guilty and saves a young girl from being raped. Following the incident the gang decides he must now prove himself by raping her himself.

            Are You in the House Alone? (1978)

            Are You in the House Alone?

              • NR
              • 96 min
              • Drama

              A television treatment of Richard Peck's award winning mystery novel. A beautiful high school student becomes the target of a campaign of terror that eventually leads to a sexual attack and mental torture.

              Barracuda (1978)


                • PG
                • 98 min
                • Horror

                No overview found.

                Dracula's Dog (1978)

                Dracula's Dog

                  • R
                  • 90 min
                  • Horror

                  Russian soldiers accidentally unleash the servant of Dracula, as well as his dog, during excavations of Romania. Together, they set out for America, to find the last descendant of the great Count. Written by Humberto Amador

                  Empire of Passion (1978)

                  Empire of Passion

                    • R
                    • 105 min
                    • Drama

                    A young man has an affair with an older woman. He is very jealous of her husband and decides that they should kill him. One night, after the husband had plenty of sake to drink and was in bed, they strangle him and dump his body down a well. To avert any suspicions, she pretends her husband has gone off to Tokyo to work. For three years the wife and her lover secretly see each other. Finally, suspicions become very strong and people begin to gossip. To make matters worse, her husband's...

                    Enigma rosso (1978)

                    Enigma rosso

                      • Unrated
                      • 85 min
                      • Mystery

                      A detective investigating the murder of a teenage girl begins to focus his suspicions on the three girlfriends of the victim, who call themselves "The Inseparables."

                      Full Circle (1978)

                      Full Circle

                        • R
                        • 98 min
                        • Drama

                        After the sudden accidental death of her small daughter, Julia Lofting, a wealthy American woman living in London, bolts her unhappy marriage and buys a house in Kensington which is haunted by the ghost of a quite obscenely nasty little girl who died in the 1950s and plans to use Julia as her pawn in a terrible revenge. Written by Miguel Cane <[email protected]>