1981 January Movies (By Title)

"American Playhouse" Refuge

    • Unrated
    • 90 min
    Aas Paas (1981)

    Aas Paas

      • Unrated
      • 160 min

      Arun meets Seema by accident and both are attracted to each other. But Seema has a questionable background, which do create doubts in the minds of Arun and his mother. Arun is then involved in an accident, and everyone believes he is dead. Seema is devastated, and takes to alcohol, singing and dancing in a bar, and is raped by a man. Then Arun returns, and Seema is overjoyed to see him, but is hesitant to tell him about what had occurred. Arun takes Seema to his home, and...

      All's Well That Ends Well (1981)

      All's Well That Ends Well

        • Unrated
        • 141 min
        • Comedy

        ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL aligns the romantic against the realistic at every turn and brilliantly reverses all the usual expectations of Shakespearean comedy. Some of Shakespeare's most inventive language gives life to not just his single-minded heroine and her churlish lover, but a fantastic cast of frauds, cynics, sentimentalists and buffoons.

        Altovaya sonata. Dmitriy Shostakovich (1981)

        Altovaya sonata. Dmitriy Shostakovich

          • Unrated
          • 80 min

          The life and work of the great Russian composer Dmitriy Shostakovich is presented in this documentary through rare images and audios from many archives, at one time censored by the Soviet government. A brief take on his life, from his transition as an early prodigy to a first rate artist, his celebrated compositions and the final years with a declining health.

          - Written by

          Rodrigo Amaro

          Benji Takes a Dive at Marineland

            • Family

            The ever-witty mutt hero Benji becomes the world's first dog to scuba dive in this entertaining children's television special. "Benji at Marineland" follows the emotive pup underwater as he communes with barracudas, dolphins, fish, and assorted other sea friends. Aided by a frisky soundtrack, the film maintains the high adventure and light comedy that has made the "Benji" series so popular with children and parents alike!

            Berlin Tunnel 21 (1981)

            Berlin Tunnel 21

              • Unrated
              • 142 min
              • Thriller

              In Berlin in 1961, an American soldier and a German engineer join forces to build a tunnel under the Berlin Wall in order to smuggle out refugees, including the soldier's East German girlfriend.

              Carnival Magic (1981)

              Carnival Magic

                • 86 min
                • Documentary

                A telekinetic and mind-reading magician, along with his talking chimp sidekick, become the main-attraction in the carnival. The animal trainer who is no longer the star plans to kidnap the chimp and send him off to an animal-experimenting lab.

                Devo: The Men Who Make The Music (1981)

                Devo: The Men Who Make The Music

                  • NR
                  • 55 min
                  • Comedy

                  First collection of DEVO's early videos

                  Downtown 81 (1981)

                  Downtown 81

                  • 73%
                  • R
                  • 72 min
                  • Biography

                  The film is a day in the life of a young artist, Jean Michel Basquiat, who needs to raise money to reclaim the apartment from which he has been evicted. He wanders the downtown streets carrying a painting he hopes to sell, encountering friends, whose lives (and performances) we peek into. He finally manages to sell his painting to a wealthy female admirer, but he's paid by check. Low on cash, he spends the evening wandering from club to club, looking for a beautiful girl he had met...

                  Duel Of The Tough (1981)

                  Duel Of The Tough

                    • Unrated
                    • 90 min
                    • Action

                    During the Ching Dynasty, a Buddhist priest named Hung must take a journey to spread the word of Buddha. He takes the holy Scriptures along on his journey to southern China. During Hung's trip one of Dai-kiang's henchmen (Wah-sang), attacks him and steals the sacred documents. Luckily Priest Hung is able to escape from the attackers and meets a fellow northerner, Huang, who swears to aid the holy man. Hung and Huang return to the temple to regroup, where Huang is taught the deadly technique...

                    Earthbound (1981)


                      • 94 min
                      • Family

                      In this sci-fi film, a spaceship crash lands in the Midwest and strands an alien family. A gentle innkeeper takes in the marooned group. Except for their green chimpanzee that eats light bulbs, the aliens look like normal humans. Unfortunately, the family is pursued by a government agent determined to see that the aliens don't intermingle with the humans.

                      Elephant Parts (1981)

                      Elephant Parts

                        • Unrated
                        • 60 min
                        • Comedy

                        Winner of the first video Grammy Award, Michael Nesmith (The Monkees) wrote and starred in Elephant Parts, a collection of comedy and music videos using money he inherited from his mother, the inventor of Liquid Paper. Elephant Parts is one hour long and features five full length music videos, including the popular songs "Rio", and "Cruisin'", which featured wrestler Steve Strong and Monterey-based comic "Chicago" Steve Barkley. An off-beat collection that is very entertaining to view while in...

                        Fear No Evil (1981)

                        Fear No Evil

                          • R
                          • 99 min
                          • Horror

                          High school student turns out to be personification of Lucifer. Two arch angels in human form (as women) take him on.

                          For Y'ur Height Only (1981)

                          For Y'ur Height Only

                            • R
                            • 87 min
                            • Action

                            Mr. Giant has kidnapped the brilliant Dr. Van Kohler and is planning to use the Doctor's invention, the N-bomb, to hold the world hostage. The only one who can foil Mr. Giant's evil scheme is Agent 00, a 3-foot-tall filipino martial arts master, expert marksman, top-class romancer and all-around superspy. Can Agent 00 rescue Dr. Kohler before it's too late? Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <[email protected]>

                            Great Expectations (1981)

                            Great Expectations

                              • Unrated
                              • 30 min
                              • Drama

                              Mini-series based on the novel by Charles Dickens.

                              Guardian of Hell (1981)

                              Guardian of Hell

                                • 88 min
                                • Horror

                                Nuns become possessed by the Devil and lust after the abbot!

                                Hänsel und Gretel (1981)

                                Hänsel und Gretel

                                  • Unrated
                                  • 109 min
                                  • Family

                                  Engelbert Humperdinck's beloved musical fairy tale HÄNSEL UND GRETEL is brought to life by Sir Georg Solti and an illustrious cast - all part of a shimmering production that continues to enchant audiences of all ages.

                                  Home Sweet Home (1981)

                                  Home Sweet Home

                                    • Unrated
                                    • 85 min
                                    • Horror

                                    An escaped mental patient steals a station wagon and makes his way to the Bradleys' Thanksgiving celebration, where he plans to make them a little less thankful...

                                    Inseminoid (1981)


                                      • 93 min
                                      • Horror

                                      A crew of interplanetary archaeologists is threatened when an alien creature impregnates one of their members, causing her to turn homicidal and murder them one by one.

                                      Le notti del terrore (1981)

                                      Le notti del terrore

                                        • 85 min
                                        • Horror

                                        Professor Ayres discovers a secret in an ancient stone and when he opens a crypt, he revives zombies that kill him. He had invited three couples to visit him in his manor to reveal his discovery. However, they never get around to meeting the professor. Out of the blue, the zombies attack them and they seek shelter in the mansion.