Movies Released September 18th, 1981

Das Boot (1981)

Das Boot

    • R
    • 149 min
    • Action

    In the midst of World War II, as the tide turns against the Axis, a German U-boat crew is sent out to patrol the Atlantic and fire at Allied ships bringing supplies to England. The submarine also carries a press correspondent, there to report from the front lines of nautical warfare. Meanwhile, the crew's captain (J�rgen Prochnow) is becoming disillusioned with the Nazi regime and with war in general. What starts out as a routine mission is soon livened up beyond the crew's expectations...

    Mommie Dearest (1981)

    Mommie Dearest

    • 55%
    • PG
    • 129 min
    • Biography

    Based on Christina Crawford's slanderous, tell-all biography, Mommie Dearest paints a portrait of a Joan Crawford the public never knew. The film portrays Crawford as a wicked, abusive mother who lives as though she's perpetually onscreen. In the movie's most memorable scene, Crawford berates her daughter, Christina, for improperly hanging her clothes, screaming, "No more wire hangers!"

    Continental Divide (1981)

    Continental Divide

    • 78%
    • PG
    • 103 min
    • Comedy

    A delightful romantic comedy that launched the career of screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Empire Strikes Back). Emmy Award winner John Belushi plays Ernie, a tough Chicago reporter whose stories on the Mafia nearly get him killed. To take the heat off, he's sent to investigate an eagle researcher in rural Colorado. The two fall for each other in a hilariously heartwarming fashion. Continental Divide is a perfect romantic comedy, sincere and full of genuine laughs.

    Beau Pere (1981)

    Beau Pere

      • 123 min
      • Comedy

      Remy is morose, nearing 30 with his career as a musician going nowhere and his eight-year marriage to Martine souring. Then, Martine dies in a car crash, and Marion, her 14-year-old, wants to stay rather than move to her father's. Remy likes the idea: he loves her, he's raised her, and she offers him emotional responsibility. Marion's father objects, but she's willful, so he relents. Soon, she tells Remy she finds him attractive, that she's now "a woman," and why can't they be lovers. Remy is...

      Firebird 2015 AD (1981)

      Firebird 2015 AD

        • 97 min
        • Action

        In one of many unpopular and unsupported policy decisions, the US government of the near future outlaws vehicle petrol in an effort to curb the overuse of limited natural resources - except, of course, for official purposes. There are many renegades who oppose the authorities, and will stop at nothing to allow themselves the freedom of burning around the countryside.

        From a Far Country (1981)

        From a Far Country

          • 140 min
          • Biography

          The film is a biography of Pope John Paul II. It starts in 1926 when the boy Karol Wojtila was celebrating Christmas with his father in Poland. Some years later Nazi Germany attacks Poland and invades the country while Wojtila seeks refuge at the house of Cardinal Wyszynski. Also appear all the other important stations of the life of the Pope.

          Soldier Girls (1981)

          Soldier Girls

            • Unrated
            • 87 min
            • Documentary

            A documentary about women's basic training in Fort Georgia.