1983 January Movies

Warrior of the Lost World (1983)

Warrior of the Lost World

    • R
    • 92 min
    • Sci-Fi

    The Rider is traveling through a post-apocalyptic world on his technically advanced motorcycle and his loyal computer Einstein. Being pure in spirit, he manages to pass through the wall of illusion and meets the resistance movement The Elders, fighting the tyranny of the evil despot Prossor. The resistance asks him to free professor McWayne, their leader, who has been sentenced to death by Prossor. The beautiful Nastasia and The Rider infiltrate the city, guarded by the Omega militia, where...

    Winners & Sinners (1983)

    Winners & Sinners

      • PG-13
      • 108 min
      • Action

      Five friends are released from prison and do their best to stay out trouble. Trying to mind their own business (and run their Five Star Cleaning Service), they are unfortunately caught up in a war between rival Triad gangs fighting for control of the counterfeit currency market. Written by Murray Chapman <[email protected]>