1983 January Movies (By Date)

Winners & Sinners (1983)

Winners & Sinners

    • PG-13
    • 108 min
    • Action

    Five friends are released from prison and do their best to stay out trouble. Trying to mind their own business (and run their Five Star Cleaning Service), they are unfortunately caught up in a war between rival Triad gangs fighting for control of the counterfeit currency market. Written by Murray Chapman <[email protected]>

    The Haunting Passion (1983)

    The Haunting Passion

      • Unrated
      • 98 min
      • Thriller

      Dan was a successful football player, but when his contract expired recently, it wasn't renewed due to his age. Together with his wife Julie he decides to make a new start and they move into a romantic and lonesome house. While Dan starts a second career as newscaster, she's home alone and suffers from frightingly realistic erotic dreams, in which she has sex with an unknown man. Soon this demon even haunts her in broad daylight and attacks friends and husband out of jealousy. ...

      Disconnected (1983)


        • R
        • 82 min
        • Crime

        The focus is on the twins, Alicia and Barbara (both played by Frances Raines) who become involved with the ominous Franklin (Mark Walker) and a series of murders. Alicia works at the local video store and has been getting odd phone calls after she broke up with her boyfriend. The police suspect that Franklin is involved in a series of gruesome murders. Written by Ørnås

        Attack of the Super Monsters (1983)

        Attack of the Super Monsters

          • Unrated
          • 83 min
          • Animation

          In the near future it's discovered that the dinosaurs did not die off, but instead live on near the center of the Earth. The evil lord Tyrannus uses the mutated dinosaurs descendents to attack Earth in his effort to rule the world. Can Gemini Force, a group of four superpowered teens who've pledged to protect the Earth, stop his plans? Written by Mike Konczewski 70 millions years ago, the creatures known as dinosaurs mysteriously disappeared from planet Earth. Until now, it was assumed they...

          Copper Mountain (1983)

          Copper Mountain

            • PG
            • 60 min
            • Comedy

            Two friends travel to a ski resort, with one looking to hit the slopes, while the other spends time trying to pick up women.

            Duvar (1983)


              • Unrated
              • 117 min
              • Drama

              Teens in a Turkish prison struggle to survive under hideous conditions. Made by dying Yilmaz Guney in France, after he escaped from a Turkish prison, enabling him to accept his award at Cannes for Yol (The Road). When the Turkish superstar leading man turned human rights activist, Guney was convicted for pro-Kurdish political activity and murder, by the Turkish military regime. Director/writer Guney's last film, Duvar (The Wall), was banned in Turkey for 17 years. The incarcerated teens...

              Angst (1983)


                • NONE
                • 75 min
                • Drama

                A man is released from prison after serving four years for murdering an elderly woman. He quickly begins to feel the compulsion to kill again.

                Tu mi turbi (1983)

                Tu mi turbi

                  • Unrated
                  • 85 min
                  • Comedy

                  The first movie directed by Roberto Benigni in four surreal short stories: "Durante Cristo" (During Christ), "Angelo" (Angel), , "In Banca" (At the Bank) and "I Due Militi" (The Two Soldiers). An excursus in Benigni's satirical views on man, religion and society.

                  Challenge of the Lady Ninja (1983)

                  Challenge of the Lady Ninja

                    • Unrated
                    • 92 min
                    • Action

                    During the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, a Chinese woman trains in the covert arts. When she arrives in Hong Kong, she learns that her brother works on behalf the Japanese cause. She then pulls together a team of women warriors to stop her brother.

                    - Written by

                    Neva Friedenn

                    Amos 'n' Andy: Anatomy of A Controversy

                      • 48 min
                      • Documentary

                      A documentary that explores the removal of the popular television show Amos 'n' Andy in 1953 during the civil rights movement.

                      Letter from Venice

                        • Unrated
                        • 71 min
                        Hunters Crossing (1983)

                        Hunters Crossing

                          • Unrated
                          • 89 min
                          • Action

                          "Hunter's crossing" is about a mercenary (Bruce Baron as Al Hunter) trying to rescue a millionnaire's son raptured by Filipino pirates.

                          - Written by


                          California Cowboys (1983)

                          California Cowboys

                            • PG
                            • 92 min
                            • Documentary

                            Pauli and his friend Daniel hop on their bikes and ride across the border to Mexico to try out a bar called Rosa's Cantina, which happens to be next to the infamous El Diablo prison. Though some of the locals try to warn the two gringos away, Pauli unwisely insists on going in. In the course of the evening, he manages to start a fight with the many prison guards unwinding from work, and gets arrested. Daniel, who managed to avoid arrest, tries repeatedly to negotiate for Pauli's...

                            Hero (1983)


                              • 173 min
                              • Musical

                              Hero is the story of a criminal transforming and evolving as a good person under the influence of love. Jackie is a baddie with a heart of gold though, who has to settle scores with the area's 'Thakur' and his police officer son Sanjeev Kumar. So he opts for kidnapping their soft spot, Radha, Thakur khandaan's only daughter. Radha is given to understand that Jackie and his gang are police people who have taken her away to the safety of jungles because their house has been invaded by dacoits....

                              To Bear Witness

                                • 42 min
                                • Documentary

                                Fourteen people who live in one small community on the Virginia Peninsula witnessed first hand the greatest atrocity in world history, the Nazi Holocaust of European Jews. Jewish Survivors who lived in the concentration camps and Nazi occupied territories join American soldiers who liberated those camps to bear witness to Adolf Hitler's murderous rampage. In To Bear Witness: A Living Testimonial of the Holocaust, Writer/Director Eric Allan Futterman unfolds the story of how, on a day to day...

                                Go for It (1983)

                                Go for It

                                  • 107 min
                                  • Adventure

                                  Mason is driving a truck when he takes on his lorry Rosco a hitchhiker. Traffic police stop them for a control but they are confused for two robbers. They manage to escape in a very strange way from this situation, but just to fall in a worse one. They run to the airport trying to take the first flight available. The couple not only succeeds to have a free flight to Miami but someone give them a bag full of million dollars. Later Rosco and Mason will understand that this time they were confused...

                                  2020 Texas Gladiators (1983)

                                  2020 Texas Gladiators

                                    • R
                                    • 91 min
                                    • Action

                                    Dopo una guerra atomica il caos è piombato sulla terra e la legge della jungla ha preso il sopravvento. Nisus e Maida si incontrano quando il gruppo di cui fa parte Nisus, che si è dedicato a riportare la giustizia, la salva. I due decidono di andare verso sud dove finalmente si sta cercando di ricostruire in pace. Ma, dopo qualche anno, dopo la nascita della figlia Kezia, il posto viene attaccato. Sembra destino che non debbano mai trovare la pace. Written by Baldinotto da...

                                    Two of a Kind (1983)

                                    Two of a Kind

                                      • PG
                                      • 88 min
                                      • Comedy

                                      God throws his hands up at the foolishness of humanity and orders the race destroyed. A trio of bleeding-heart angels strike a deal with him: if they can find just two good souls, the Lord will allow Earth to survive. Unfortunately, the angels have staked the future of the species on a thieving bank teller and an inventor/con-artist

                                      The Gunrunner (1983)

                                      The Gunrunner

                                        • 92 min
                                        • Crime

                                        1926. The Chinese Civil War. Drifter Ted Beaubien is captured and forced to witness his girlfriend's execution. He finally escapes and vows to avenge her death by taking on a deadly mission to buy guns abroad and smuggle them back. Arriving in his hometown, Ted is shocked to find his elderly mother and younger brother George are penniless. But time is running out, and before he can help them, he's got to get the guns. In setting up the deal, Ted meets and falls for the seductive nightclub owner...

                                        Warrior of the Lost World (1983)

                                        Warrior of the Lost World

                                          • R
                                          • 92 min
                                          • Sci-Fi

                                          The Rider is traveling through a post-apocalyptic world on his technically advanced motorcycle and his loyal computer Einstein. Being pure in spirit, he manages to pass through the wall of illusion and meets the resistance movement The Elders, fighting the tyranny of the evil despot Prossor. The resistance asks him to free professor McWayne, their leader, who has been sentenced to death by Prossor. The beautiful Nastasia and The Rider infiltrate the city, guarded by the Omega militia, where...