1984 June Movies

House of Dies Drear (1984)

House of Dies Drear

    • Unrated
    • 116 min
    • Fantasy

    A young black man and his family move into a home in rural Ohio, and discover that during the Civil War it was used by a Dutch immigrant to smuggle runaway slaves to freedom. Soon they begin to suspect that the ghosts of slaves who passed through there are haunting the house.

    - Written by


    Khandhar (1984)


      • Unrated
      • 106 min
      • Drama

      Subhash is a photographer from the city, who has come to take pictures of some old temples and ruins in a village. Ruins fascinate him. While in the village, he gets acquainted with a young woman, Jamini, who has had her heart broken in the past, by another visitor from the big city. Will history repeat itself, or will she find a way out of the ruins at last? Written by ajji-2

      Lensman (1984)


        • PG-13
        • 107 min
        • Sci-Fi

        Kimball Kinnison, a young man from the agricultural planet Mquie and his Valerian companinon, Buscirk find a dying man with a legendary crystal lens embedded in his hand. As the man was dying, he mysteriously passed on the Lens to Kim. With more companions to come by, Kim must find out the purpose of the Lens before the Boskone dynasty does.

        Moscow on the Hudson (1984)

        Moscow on the Hudson

        • 89%
        • R
        • 115 min
        • Comedy

        Russian circus musician defects on the visit to the US. Living the American dream appears be a lot more difficult then he has imagined.

        Rhinestone (1984)


        • 11%
        • PG
        • 111 min
        • Comedy

        A country music star must turn an obnoxious New York cabbie into a singer in order to win a bet.

        Setouchi shonen yakyu dan (1984)

        Setouchi shonen yakyu dan

          • PG
          • 125 min
          • Comedy

          In this drama at the end of World War II, the inhabitants of a small Japanese fishing village must come to terms with their nation's defeat and the sudden occupation of General MacArthur and his troops. Written by Howell Parry <[email protected]>

          The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1984)

          The Hills Have Eyes Part II

            • R
            • 86 min
            • Horror

            A group of young and wild motocross racers venture through the desert and are stranded at an old mining ranch. They soon realize that they are being watched by a group of savage cannibals unknown to the civilized world. The film is full of flashbacks to the original film; even the dog has a flashback.

            Under the Volcano (1984)

            Under the Volcano

            • 75%
            • R
            • 112 min
            • Drama

            Against a background of war breaking out in Europe and the Mexican fiesta Day of Death, we are taken through one day in the life of Geoffrey Firmin, a British consul living in alcoholic disrepair and obscurity in a small southern Mexican town in 1939. The Consul's self-destructive behaviour, perhaps a metaphor for a menaced civilization, is a source of perplexity and sadness to his nomadic, idealistic half-brother, Hugh, and his ex-wife, Yvonne, who has returned with hopes of healing Geoffrey...

            Za gaman

              • Unrated
              • 100 min
              • Comedy