1990 Crime Movies

Goodfellas (1990)


  • 97%
  • R
  • 145 min
  • Biography

Based on Nicholas Pileggi's book WISEGUY, Martin Scorsese?s GOODFELLAS is a wry, violent, and exhilarating film about the life of Henry Hill, an aspiring criminal who ends up in the FBI?s witness protection program after testifying against his former partners. As a poor Irish-Italian growing up in 1950s New York City, Hill rises through the ranks of his Brooklyn neighborhood's organized crime branch, and with money from the mob he begins living the good life, complete with a beautiful bride,...

Dick Tracy (1990)

Dick Tracy

  • 64%
  • PG
  • 105 min
  • Action

All Tess Trueheart wants is to settle down to a quiet life with her boyfriend, detective Dick Tracy. But there's something pretty rotten going on in town, with someone pretty rotten behind it, and Tracy has his hands full with the likes of villain Big Boy Caprice and with the almost irresistable Breathless Mahoney.

The Godfather: Part III (1990)

The Godfather: Part III

    • R
    • 162 min
    • Crime

    Francis Ford Coppola�s compelling sequel to the epic Mafia saga once again stars Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, the aging don of the infamous Corleone family. Michael is on the verge of legitimizing the family business with the help of his nephew, Vincent Mancini (Andy Garcia). However, failing health and treacherous Mafioso colleagues Joey Zasa (Joe Mantegna) and Don Altobello (Eli Wallach) keep him immersed in the criminal life he had hoped to escape.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

      • NONE
      • 93 min
      • Action

      Four turtles and a rat are transformed into a humanized state by a mutagenetic gel in a sewer. The rat becomes their mentor, and teaches them all he knows regarding Ninjitsu. The turtles use their newfound skills to combat the crime in New York City. But when their mentor is captured by an enemy from the past, can they hold true to what they've learned, and stay together as a brotherhood?

      Darkman (1990)


      • 83%
      • R
      • 96 min
      • Action

      Dr. Peyton Westlake is on the verge of realizing a major breakthrough in synthetic skin when his laboratory is destroyed by gangsters. Having been burned beyond recognition and forever altered by an experimental medical procedure, Westlake becomes known as Darkman, assuming alternate identities in his quest for revenge and a new life with a former love.

      Kindergarten Cop (1990)

      Kindergarten Cop

      • 50%
      • PG-13
      • 111 min
      • Action

      John Kimble is a tough city cop who's been on the trail of drug dealer Cullen Crisp for years. He finally tracks Crisp down but it seems the only person that can testify against him is his ex-wife. The problem is she's disappeared and all Kimble knows is the name of the school in Oregon where her son attends. When things don't quite go to plan, Kimble finds he has to go undercover on his toughest assignment yet - Kindergarten teacher!

      Wild at Heart (1990)

      Wild at Heart

      • 65%
      • R
      • 124 min
      • Comedy

      Young lovers Sailor and Lula run from the variety of weirdos that Lula's mom has hired to kill Sailor.

      King of New York (1990)

      King of New York

      • 71%
      • R
      • 103 min
      • Crime

      A former drug lord returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition and distribute the profits of his operations to New York's poor and lower classes in this stylish and ultra violent modern twist on Robin Hood.

      Robocop 2 (1990)

      Robocop 2

      • 34%
      • R
      • 117 min
      • Action

      Murphy the Cyborg Cop, is back on the streets. OCP, his manufacturer is unable to replicate the process to make more of him due to a series of suicides by their subjects. They decide to try a drug adict as a base for their next, stronger, bigger cyborg. Murphy meanwhile is rebuilt and they decide to add to his programming which has both funny and tragic results.

      The Hot Spot (1990)

      The Hot Spot

      • 69%
      • R
      • 130 min
      • Crime

      A loner moves in to a small Texas town, finds himself a job, and sets about plotting to rob the local bank.

      Presumed Innocent (1990)

      Presumed Innocent

      • 86%
      • R
      • 127 min
      • Crime

      After his former girlfriend is killed and he becomes the prime suspect, D.A. Harrison Ford goes on a search to find the real killer and finds out he/she may be closer to him than he thinks.

      Miller's Crossing (1990)

      Miller's Crossing

      • 91%
      • R
      • 115 min
      • Crime

      Miller’s Crossing is the Coen-Brothers first successful attempt at reaching a wider audience. They illustrate an atypical Mafia story that sways away from the typical films from the genre like The Godfather or Goodfellas. Taking place during Prohibition this film is an incredible piece of work accompanied by it’s superb acting performances.

      Revenge (1990)


        • R
        • 124 min
        • Crime

        Michael "Jay" Cochran has just left the Navy after 12 years. He's not quite sure what he's going to do, except that he knows he wants a holiday. He decides to visit Tiburon Mendez, a powerful but shady Mexican businessman who he once flew to Alaska for a hunting trip. Arriving at the Mendez mansion in Mexico, he is immediately surprised by the beauty and youth of Mendez' wife Miryea

        Internal Affairs (1990)

        Internal Affairs

        • 88%
        • R
        • 115 min
        • Crime

        Keen young Raymold Avila joins the Internal Affairs Department of the Los Angeles police. He and partner Amy Wallace are soon looking closely at the activities of cop Dennis Peck whose financial holdings start to suggest something shady. Indeed Peck is involved in any number of dubious or downright criminal activities. He is also devious, a womaniser, and a clever manipulator, and he starts to turn his attention on Avila.

        Another 48 Hours (1990)

        Another 48 Hours

          • R
          • 93 min
          • Action

          Tough guy, tough cop Jack Cates turns to hustler/con-man Reggie Hammond once again this time to save his career when he is on the trail of a mysterious person named The Iceman, and when he is being convicted of manslaughter.

          The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

          The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

          • 26%
          • R
          • 104 min
          • Action

          Ford "Mr. Rock n' Roll Detective" Fairlane is experiencing problems, and it's not with the opposite sex. One of them is that all the rock stars pay him with drum sticks, koala bears, food processors and bicycle shorts. Another one of them is that all his employers that want him to find a girl named Zuzu Petals get killed. Why didn't he become a fisherman's detective instead?

          The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

          The Rescuers Down Under

          • 68%
          • G
          • 77 min
          • Animation

          A lawless poacher wants to capture a majestic and rare golden eagle, so he kidnaps the boy who knows where to find the bird. Not to worry -- the Rescue Aid Society's top agents, heroic mice Miss Bianca and Bernard, fly to Australia to save the day. Accompanying the fearless duo are bumbling albatross Wilbur and llocal field operative Jake the Kangaroo Rat.

          Nema-ye Nazdik (1990)

          Nema-ye Nazdik

            • 98 min
            • Crime

            This fiction-documentary hybrid uses a sensational real-life event—the arrest of a young man on charges that he fraudulently impersonated the well-known filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf—as the basis for a stunning, multilayered investigation into movies, identity, artistic creation, and existence, in which the real people from the case play themselves.

            Pacific Heights (1990)

            Pacific Heights

            • 43%
            • R
            • 102 min
            • Mystery

            A couple works hard to renovate their dream house and become landlords to pay for it. Unfortunately one of their tenants has plans of his own.

            The Two Jakes (1990)

            The Two Jakes

              • R
              • 137 min
              • Comedy

              This sequel to the classic Chinatown finds private detective Jake Gittes still haunted from the events of the first film. Hired by a man to investigate his wife's infidelities, Jake once again finds himself involved in a complicated plot involving murder, oil, and even some ghosts from his past.