1990 October Movies

Rocky V (1990)

Rocky V

  • 28%
  • PG-13
  • 104 min
  • Drama

The one-time champ, Rocky Balboa, has hit rock bottom and winds up in his old Philadelphia neighborhood...broke and ostracized. He trains a young boxer--Tommy Gunn--who turns ingrate. In spite of brain damage from his last fight with super-Soviet Ivan Drago, Rocky is willing to risk everything on another bout.

Quigley Down Under (1990)

Quigley Down Under

  • 56%
  • PG-13
  • 119 min
  • Adventure

American Matt Quigley answers Australian land baron Elliott Marston's ad for a sharpshooter to kill the dingoes on his property. But when Quigley finds out that Marston's real target is the aborigines, Quigley hits the road. Now, even American expatriate Crazy Cora can't keep Quigley safe in his cat-and-mouse game with the homicidal Marston.

The Grifters (1990)

The Grifters

  • 90%
  • R
  • 110 min
  • Crime

Based on the pulp novel by Jim Thompson, this neo-noir film tells the story of Lilly Dillon, a long-time female con artist who begins to rethink her life when her son Roy, also a grifter, suffers an almost-fatal injury when he is beaten after a failed scam.

The Hot Spot (1990)

The Hot Spot

  • 69%
  • R
  • 130 min
  • Crime

A loner moves in to a small Texas town, finds himself a job, and sets about plotting to rob the local bank.

Reversal of Fortune (1990)

Reversal of Fortune

  • 94%
  • R
  • 111 min
  • Biography

Wealthy Sunny von B├╝low lies brain-dead, husband Claus guilty of attempted murder; but he says he's innocent and hires Alan Dershowitz for his appeal.

Troll 2 (1990)

Troll 2

  • 6%
  • PG-13
  • 95 min
  • Comedy

A young child is terrified to discover that a planned family trip is to be haunted by vile plant-eating monsters out of his worst nightmare...

The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)

The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter

    • PG
    • 90 min
    • Adventure

    Once again, Bastian is transported to the world of Fantasia which he recently managed to save from destruction. However, the land is now being destroyed by an evil sorceress, Xayide, so he must join up with Atreyu and face the Emptiness once more.

    Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990)

    Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

      • PG-13
      • 95 min
      • Drama

      A small town prepares for the homecoming of superstar Roxy Carmichael, as does a young outsider, who believes Roxy is her mother.

      White Palace (1990)

      White Palace

        • R
        • 103 min
        • Drama

        Max Baron (James Spader) is a 27-year-old high flying advertising executive still recovering from the death of his wife. One night he is in a bar when he meets Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon) a 43-year-old waitress with a fixation on Marilyn Monroe. The couple gradually fall in love, though age and social differences mean that the path of true love is strewn with problems.

        Night of the Living Dead (1990)

        Night of the Living Dead

          • R
          • 92 min
          • Horror

          In this remake of the original classic film, a group of people are trapped inside a farmhouse as legions of the walking dead try to get inside and use them for food.

          Pale Blood (1990)

          Pale Blood

            • R
            • 93 min
            • Horror

            A vampire pretender who is murdering women runs into a real vampire who is out to stop him because he is casting too much of a spotlight on the vampire community.

            The Sheltering Sky (1990)

            The Sheltering Sky

            • 50%
            • R
            • 138 min
            • Adventure

            John Malkovich and Debra Winger play Port and Kit Moresby, who flee New York for North Africa, where they hope to find mystical truths that will reignite the spark of their marriage. Instead they lose their moral bearings (with help from a friend, played by Campbell Scott, who has an affair with Kit) while traveling deeper into the Sahara.

            Marked for Death (1990)

            Marked for Death

            • 22%
            • R
            • 94 min
            • Action

            Chicago DEA agent John Hatcher has just returned from Colombia, where his partner was killed in the line of duty by a drug dealer who has since been taken down. As a result of his partner's death, John has decided to retire, but his retirement may not be permanent.

            On the next day, after reuniting with his sister Melissa and Melissa's daughter Tracy, John gets into a shootout against a Jamaican drug kingpin known as Screwface, taking down some of Screwface's men. John brings himself out of...

            Desperate Hours (1990)

            Desperate Hours

            • 40%
            • 105 min
            • Thriller

            An escaped convict and his two partners invade the home of an estranged Utah couple.

            American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990)

            American Ninja 4: The Annihilation

              • R
              • 99 min
              • Action

              The two American Ninjas, Joe Armstrong and Sean Davidson, team up to do battle against a terrorist and his band of Ninjas.

              Avalon (1990)


              • 83%
              • PG
              • 126 min
              • Drama

              No overview found.

              Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell! (1990)

              Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell!

                • Unrated
                • 88 min
                • Sci-Fi

                Sheila Caan is menaced by Satan worshipers on her journey from Brooklyn to Las Vegas. In an effort to find out what happened to her twin sister, she undergoes many treacherous journeys, a number of Satanist slayings, and a number of showers.

                - Written by

                Tim Kearns <[email protected]>

                Fire, Ice & Dynamite (1990)

                Fire, Ice & Dynamite

                  • PG
                  • 106 min
                  • Action

                  Sir George fakes his own death so that his estate will go to the winners of the "Megathon", a pseudo-Olympics event. His three step-children are forced to compete in a variety of winter-type sports against top athletes representing other companies George owed debts to, so that they can gain their inheritance. Written by [email protected]

                  Graveyard Shift (1990)

                  Graveyard Shift

                  • 13%
                  • R
                  • 89 min
                  • Horror

                  Based on Stephen King's short story about a Maine textile mill, where it's workers come into contact with something far more gruesome than anyone might expect.

                  I Hired a Contract Killer (1990)

                  I Hired a Contract Killer

                    • 79 min
                    • Drama

                    After fifteen years' service, Henri Boulanger is made redundant from his job. Shocked, he attempts suicide, but can't go through with it, so he hires a contract killer in a seedy bar to murder him at some unspecified time in the future. But almost immediately he meets and falls in love with Margaret, a flower-seller, which makes Henri realise that his life has some meaning after all. But when he goes back to the bar to cancel the contract, he finds it has been demolished - and there's no way he...