1993 December Movies

Snapdragon (1993)


    • R
    • 98 min
    • Mystery

    An erotic amnesiac lures a police psychologist into a world of lust and danger.

    The Bride with White Hair 2 (1993)

    The Bride with White Hair 2

      • R
      • 80 min
      • Action

      For ten years, Cho has been in the snow of Mount Shin Fung waiting for a rare flower to blossom that will cure his wife who, back in Chung Yuan, is slowly killing all of the members of the Eight Big Clans. Something Cho did to her early in their marriage has turned her hair white and driven her mad. Cho's nephew, Kit, marries Lyre; they are deeply in love. On their wedding night, Ni-Chang, the bride with white hair, kidnaps Lyre and takes her to her harem of fighting women to indoctrinate...

      The Confined (1993)

      The Confined

        • Unrated
        • 91 min
        • Documentary

        The mistress of a wealthy man, alone in her huge apartment and terribly lonely, phones strangers in the middle of the night. One night she phones a young writer, and as the days pass and the conversations continue a relationship forms between two people who've never seen each other.

        The Day My Parents Ran Away (1993)

        The Day My Parents Ran Away

          • PG
          • 96 min
          • Comedy

          At one time or another, most teenagers have fantasized about being rid of their parents, living in a huge house and having unlimited access to a credit card. All three wishes come true for tough-talking 16-year-old Matt Miller when his fed-up parents leave him to start life anew. Despite the potential for teenage fun, Matt finds that life on his own is more difficult than he anticipated, particularly after the laundry piles up and he grows tired of TV dinners. Suddenly, Matt wants his parents...

          The War Room (1993)

          The War Room

          • 95%
          • PG
          • 96 min
          • Documentary

          A behind-the-scenes documentary about the Clinton for President campaign, focusing on the adventures of spin doctors James Carville and George Stephanopoulos. Bill Clinton himself is almost never seen. Written by Tim Horrigan <[email protected]>

          Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (1993)

          Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

          • 100%
          • Unrated
          • 30 min
          • Animation

          Plasticine animation of the loveable duo of Wallace and Gromit; inventors of all manner of useful devices. In this Oscar winning story, Gromit (a dog) finds himself being pushed out of his room and home by a new lodger who is actually a ruthless criminal (and a small penguin). The penguin is planning a robbery and needs to use Wallace and his mechanical remote controlled trousers to pull off the raid. However, Gromit is wise to the penguin and comes to the rescue. A must see for all ages. ...

          White Wolves - A Cry in the Wild II (1993)

          White Wolves - A Cry in the Wild II

            • PG
            • 90 min
            • Action

            A two-week trek through the Cascade Mountains tries the survival instincts of five adventurous teenagers. At first, it's all a good time. Shooting the rapids, exploring caves and making new friends. But when an accident occurs, Mother Nature raises the stakes and challenges the hikers to the greatest test of their young lives. Written by Concorde - New Horizons (with permission).

            Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (1993)

            Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

              • PG-13
              • 123 min
              • Drama

              Frank, a retired Irish seaman, and Walter, a retired Cuban barber, are two lonely old men trapped in the emptiness of their own lives. When they meet in a park Frank is able to start a conversation after several attempts. They begin to spend time together and become friends. But because of their different characters they often quarrel with each other and finally seperate after Frank misbehaves to Walter's friend Elaine.

              Yankee Zulu (1993)

              Yankee Zulu

                • PG
                • 100 min
                • Comedy

                Two South African boys, one white, Rhino, and one black, Zulu, go their separate ways after an incident. Many years later, they meet up again as adults, when one, after living for years in the United States, is now a wanted criminal. The two end up being a part of a madcap chase involving a check for a large amount of lottery money, pursued by Gen. Diehard and Rhino's ex-wife Rowena, who was the cause of the rift between the two protagonists.

                Yi tian tu long ji: Zhi mo jiao jiao zhu (1993)

                Yi tian tu long ji: Zhi mo jiao jiao zhu

                  • 99 min
                  • Action

                  A wild and rollicking martial arts fantasy extravaganza that features prized swords and swordsmen, a crazy monk attached to a rolling boulder, serious clan and cult rivalries, and lots of magic and flying.