1994 October Movies

Stargate (1994)


  • 48%
  • PG-13
  • 121 min
  • Action

Egyptologist Daniel Jackson is brought to an underground military base where he decodes the symbols on Egyptian cover stones as star constellations. That allows a alien device known as the Stargate to be opened and a team led by Air Force Colonel Jack' O' Neil and Jackson to travel across the known universe to a distant planet. Arriving on the planet, they find a culture ruled by someone pretending to be the Egyptian sun god Ra. Soon, Ra captures the team and takes control of a nuclear weapon...

Little Giants (1994)

Little Giants

  • 40%
  • PG
  • 107 min
  • Comedy

When Danny O'Shea's daughter is cut from the Peewee football team just for being a girl, he decides to form his own team, composed of other ragtag players who were also cut. Can his team really learn enough to beat the elite team, coached by his brother, a former pro player?

New Nightmare (1994)

New Nightmare

    • R
    • 112 min
    • Fantasy

    Heather is an actress happily married, she has a little child: Dylan She is worried about a maniac who is ringing frequently at her house. She think the maniac is Freddy the killer of her previous film Meanwhile Wes Craven is having some nightmares and inspired by that events he is writing the script for a new Nightmare series film. Heather is scared by some murders and by the schizophrenia of her son. The only way left to save her son is to act for the last time the part of Nancy to defeat...

    The Specialist (1994)

    The Specialist

    • 4%
    • R
    • 110 min
    • Action

    Ray Quick is an ex-CIA bomb expert now living as an high-tech outsider somewhere in Miami, Florida. May Munro has heard of his skills and tries over and over to convince Ray to bomb the guys who killed her parents once. Ray begins to overshadow May. He is interested in May's case, but still is of the opinion to never use his skills again. The situation changes dramatically when a former CIA comrade of Ray appears on the scene.

    Exit to Eden (1994)

    Exit to Eden

    • 6%
    • R
    • 113 min
    • Comedy

    Elliot is going to the island of Eden to live out his submissive fantasies, but inadvertently photographs diamond smugglers at work. Smugglers, and detectives, follow him to the island, where they try to retrieve the film. Elliot begins falling in love with Lisa, the head mistress of the island, and Lisa must evaluate her feelings about Elliot and her own motivations.

    Don Juan Demarco (1994)

    Don Juan Demarco

    • 74%
    • PG-13
    • 97 min
    • Comedy

    Two-time Academy Award®-winner Marlon Brando (On the Waterfront, The Godfather), Academy Award®-winner Faye Dunaway (Network) and Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow) deliver tour de force performances in this critically acclaimed romantic comedy. John Arnold DeMarco (Depp) is a man who believes he is Don Juan, the greatest lover in the world. Clad in a cape and mask, DeMarco undergoes psychiatric treatment with Dr. Jack Mickler (Brando) to cure him of his apparent delusion. But...

    The Neverending Story III (1994)

    The Neverending Story III

      • G
      • 95 min
      • Adventure

      A young boy must restore order when a group of bullies steal the magical book that acts as a portal between Earth and the imaginary world of Fantasia.

      Bullets Over Broadway (1994)

      Bullets Over Broadway

      • 96%
      • R
      • 98 min
      • Comedy

      Set in 1920's New York City, this movie tells the story of idealistic young playwright David Shayne. Producer Julian Marx finally finds funding for the project from gangster Nick Valenti. The catch is that Nick's girl friend Olive Neal gets the part of a psychiatrist, and Olive is a bimbo who could never pass for a psychiatrist as well as being a dreadful actress. Agreeing to this first compromise is the first step to Broadway's complete seduction of David, who neglects longtime girl friend...

      "Silk Stalkings" Maid Service

        • Unrated
        • 60 min
        • Crime
        A Troll in Central Park (1994)

        A Troll in Central Park

        • 17%
        • G
        • 76 min
        • Animation

        A friendly troll with a magic green thumb grows one flower too many for the queen, whose laws require all trolls to act meanly, be ugly and scare humans whenever possible. As a punishment, he is exiled to a world of concrete, where he should live a life of proper trolldom: Manhattan. But of all places, his pod lands in Central Park, where he feels right at home. He befriends a young brother and sister, out for the day unknown to their parents, and must immediately protect them from the...

        Against Her Will: The Carrie Buck Story (1994)

        Against Her Will: The Carrie Buck Story

          • Unrated
          • 120 min
          • Drama

          Carrie Buck is a young retarded woman who is persuaded to fight against the courts for custody of her newborn daughter after it's taken from her since Carrie has been declared mentally incompetent to raise her baby by herself. Written by Matthew Patay

          Against Their Will: Women in Prison (1994)

          Against Their Will: Women in Prison

            • Unrated
            • 91 min
            • Drama

            Behind prison walls, corruption, sex and power make criminals out of the guards and heroes out of the guarded. For more than a decade, the lawless guards inside a maximum security women's prison have reigned with impunity - rape, sex for money and illegal favors have become the norm until one woman decides to battle the system. Leading a group of inmates on a risky life-or-death struggle for justice, a ten year silence is finally broken, exposing the twisted truth to the world and...

            Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994)

            Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

              • PG
              • 90 min
              • Sci-Fi

              Followup movie to the TV series about 250,000 aliens, or "newcomers" as they are known, who have by now settled alongside the humans in California. Most of the newcomers were slaves, and the slave masters are now looking for them. They send Aponso to earth to locate the slaves ready for the aliens to pick them up. Written by Rob Hartill

              Another woman (1994)

              Another woman

                • G
                • 86 min
                • Crime

                After a brutal attack leaves Lisa Temple without her memory, her husband declares that she is another woman. She begins to find out just what that means when she begins to try to recover that lost memory. The life that emerges is one of a bitter and depressed woman who who has apparently alienated everyone, including her husband. He has already filed for divorce. This new woman that she has become though, convinces him to put his plans on hold. As she rebuilds her life Lisa and husband fall in...

                Beyond Betrayal

                  • Unrated
                  • 96 min
                  • Action

                  Joanne is married to Bradley, who's a cop and who abuses her. One day she decides to run away. She then meets Sam, who is separated from his wife, who is obsessed with him. Bradley finds Joanne and the lead takes him to Sam's boat. Now his wife is on the boat and somehow she's killed. The police suspect Sam because she was stalking him and because of certain peculiarities in his actions on the day she died. Joanne knows that it's Bradley who did it but is too afraid to come...

                  Body Melt (1994)

                  Body Melt

                    • R
                    • 81 min
                    • Horror

                    Residents of peaceful Pebbles Court, Homesville, are being used unknowingly as test experiments for a new 'Body Drug' that causes rapid body decomposition (melting skin etc.) and painful death.

                    - Written by

                    Grant Hamilton <[email protected]>

                    Broken Lullaby (1994)

                    Broken Lullaby

                      • Unrated
                      • 96 min
                      • Drama

                      Rich Hungarian-born orphan Katya Davidov commissions Jordan Kirkland to research her past starting from a photograph, showing her as a child next to an elusive Fabergé music box. Luckily experienced Yankee-Hungarian treasure hunter and womanizer Nick Rostov gently forces his help upon her, although Jordan stubbornly risks dealing with his dodgy competitor Gudrun Kuper and her ruthless employer, count Borodin. Written by KGF Vissers

                      Circus Kids (1994)

                      Circus Kids

                        • Unrated
                        • 94 min
                        • Action

                        With nothing left to lose, this family will fight for justice.

                        Country Life (1994)

                        Country Life

                        • 67%
                        • 118 min
                        • Drama

                        Adaptation of Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" set in rural Australia in the 1920's. Jack Dickens and his niece Sally run the family farm to support brother-in-law Alexander as a (supposedly brilliant) literary critic in London. Action begins when Alexander returns with his beautiful young wife Deborah, revealing himself as an arrogant failure and wanting to sell the farm out from under Jack. Blakemore introduces themes about Australia's separation from England, as well as expanding the pacifist and...

                        Criminal (1994)


                          • Unrated
                          • 150 min
                          • Action

                          After witnessing the sudden death of a woman, who was unable to afford hospital treatment, Dr. Ajay Kumar cancels his immigration to America and instead sets out to build a hospital that will cater to people who cannot afford treatment. Soon a hospital is built and is named "Amma People's Hospital". This attracts everyone's attention, and he becomes popular, especially with two women, Shweta and Sub-Inspector Ramya, and decides to marry Shweta. Shortly after Shweta gets...