1996 Crime Movies

Three Lives and Only One Death (1996)

Three Lives and Only One Death

  • 56%
  • Unrated
  • 123 min
  • Comedy

Take a walk into the weird world of filmmaker Raul Ruiz as he takes us to Paris for a twisted ride. A man which shares four names and four personalities (which is the real one?) is the link between four different, yet similar, stories involving love, lust, crime, and time. Written by Steve Richer <[email protected]>

True Crime (1996)

True Crime

    • R
    • 94 min
    • Crime

    Mary Giordano is a bright, intelligent student who goes to a catholic school. She also has a addiction to mystery novels and detective magazines (hence the title of the movie), which inspire her to do her own detective work. When she starts snooping around on the case of a murderer of teenage girls, it gets her in hot water with her mentor Detective Jerry Gunn. But it also starts a team up with police cadet Tony Campbell. The two work together to find the murderer. But the closer Mary gets to...

    Twisted Desire (1996)

    Twisted Desire

      • Unrated
      • 96 min
      • Crime

      A teenage girl convinces a young, love-struck ex-con that the only way they can be together is to do away with her domineering parents. Based on actual events. Written by Anonymous

      Vice Academy 5 (1996)

      Vice Academy 5

        • Unrated
        • 89 min
        • Comedy

        What starts as a dirty computer game, becomes a hilarious series of crimes, when the commissioner's son, Irwin, accidentally unleashes a Virtual Reality Hooker from his computer. Vice Academy's officers Candy and Traci have to stop the spreading of sexually transmitted computer viruses. Meanwhile, poor Ms Devonshire will do anything to save her marriage. Even if it means comically appearing on a sleazy talk show and airing out the Commissioner's dirty laundry!


        Vice Girls (1996)

        Vice Girls

          • R
          • 83 min
          • Action

          Three sexy cops will have to go undercover to catch a ruthless pornographer who is murdering young runaway girls.

          Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave (1996)

          Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave

          • 100%
          • Unrated
          • 30 min
          • Animation

          Wallace falls in love with wool-shop owner Wendolene, not suspecting that she (or rather, her dog) is at the head of a fiendish sheep-rustling plot. Gromit is set up and jailed, but his new-found sheepish friend is determine to give Wallace a helping hand in finding out the real truth.

          War of the Underworld (1996)

          War of the Underworld

            • Unrated
            • 97 min
            • Action

            When the son of a gang leader manages to insult the son of a rival gang leader, total war erupts between the rival gangs, and the young hero (Tony Leung) is forced to do terrible things in order to maintain order and honor.

            Yi boh lai beng duk (1996)

            Yi boh lai beng duk

              • 98 min
              • Comedy

              Kai San is a sleazy and despicable bastard of the most epic proportions! After being caught screwing the wife of his boss, he goes on a killing spree and flees Hong Kong. 10 years later, Kai finds himself working as a restaurant chef in South Africa. Overworked, underpaid, berated, and extorted by the restaurant owners who know of his fugitive status, Kai is a ticking timebomb... While visiting an ebola infected tribe to purchase some discount meat for the restaurant, Kai takes time out of his...

              Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers (1996)

              Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers

                • Unrated
                • 86 min
                • Drama

                A special agent of the Tokyo Police has been given the assignment of assassinating a group of crime bosses. Soon afterwards, she encounters the hitman the crime bosses have sent to kill her. After talking together, they discover that they are equally reluctant to carry out their assignments. They are pushed onward by their respective bosses, however, until they must both decide where their loyalties truly lie. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <[email protected]>