1997 Drama Movies

Titanic (1997)


  • 88%
  • PG-13
  • 194 min
  • Drama

Titanic is an epic, action-packed romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic, the pride and joy of the White Star Line and, at the time, the largest moving object ever built. She was the most luxurious liner of her era -- the ship of dreams -- which ultimately carried over 1,500 people to their death in the ice cold waters of the North Atlantic in the early hours of April 15, 1912. In 3D at select locations.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Good Will Hunting

  • 97%
  • R
  • 126 min
  • Drama

Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is twenty years old, and already stands out in his rough, working-class neighborhood in South Boston. He's never been to college, except to scrub floors as a janitor at MIT. Yet he can summon obscure historical references from a photographic memory, and almost instantly solve math problems that frustrate Nobel Prize winning professors. The one thing this remarkably bright, impossibly angry young man can't do - after his latest bar fight - is talk his way out of a...

Life is Beautiful (1997)

Life is Beautiful

    • PG-13
    • 116 min
    • Comedy

    A Chaplinesque fable about the power of imagination set against the stark reality of World War II Europe. Life is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella) combines satire, physical comedy, social commentary and a touch of the surreal into a uniquely moving story of love.

    Boogie Nights (1997)

    Boogie Nights

    • 92%
    • R
    • 155 min
    • Drama

    A dark comedy following the rise and fall of Eddie Adams, a handsome, uneducated teenager who works in the kitchen of a popular San Fernando Valley nightclub. Back at home, Eddie has to face the oppressive company of a passive father and a domineering mother who keeps reminding him he's stupid and a failure. But when he's spotted at the club by Jack Horner, a successful porn producer, Eddie is instantly lured to a promising career in the adult entertainment industry.

    Jackie Brown (1997)

    Jackie Brown

    • 87%
    • R
    • 154 min
    • Crime

    Jackie (Pam Grier) supplements her meager income as a stewardess by smuggling cash into the U.S. for gunnrunner Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson) - until the day an ATF agent (Michael Keaton) and an LA cop (Michael Bowman) bust her at the airport. The cops pressure her to help them bring down Ordell, threatening prison if she refuses.

    With a sympathetic bailbondsman (Robert Forster), Jackie arrives at a bold, almost foolhardy plan to play off these opposing forces against each other. Matters...

    Lolita (1997)


    • 67%
    • R
    • 137 min
    • Drama

    A man marries his landlady so he can take advantage of her daughter.

    The Devil's Advocate (1997)

    The Devil's Advocate

    • 66%
    • R
    • 144 min
    • Drama

    Kevin Lomax is a success in the courtroom and out of it, a young Florida defense attorney who's never lost a case. Lomax enjoys a happy marriage with his sexy young wife, Mary Ann, and even has a good relationship with his straitlaced, churchgoing mother. In fact, things seem just about perfect for Kevin - nearly Heaven on Earth. But not exactly.

    After winning a most distasteful victory for his client, a convicted child-molester, Lomax is invited to join a prestigous New York law firm and...

    As Good As It Gets (1997)

    As Good As It Gets

    • 86%
    • PG-13
    • 139 min
    • Comedy

    Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is the most dysfunctional of men, an acid-tongued romance novelist who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Never one to avoid confrontations, he takes pride in his ability to affront, repulse, offend and wound. His targets are random; his aim reckless. Leave an elevator in which he stands; cross a street on which he walks. He is to be avoided at all costs, but some victims just cannot escape.

    As part of Melvin's unwavering daily schedule, he consumes an...

    L.A. Confidential (1997)

    L.A. Confidential

    • 99%
    • R
    • 138 min
    • Crime

    In a time when it seems that every other movie makes some claim to being a film noir, L.A. Confidential is the real thing--a gritty, sordid tale of sex, scandal, betrayal, and corruption of all sorts (police, political, press--and, of course, very personal) in 1940s Hollywood. The Oscar-winning screenplay is actually based on several titles in James Ellroy's series of chronological thriller novels (including the title volume, The Big Nowhere, and White Jazz)--a compelling blend of L.A. history...

    Gummo (1997)


    • 33%
    • R
    • 89 min
    • Drama

    Solomon and Tummler are two teenagers killing time in Xenia, Ohio, a small town that has never recovered from the tornado that ravaged the community in the 1970s.

    The Game (1997)

    The Game

    • 71%
    • R
    • 128 min
    • Drama

    Nicholas Van Orton is a very wealthy San Francisco banker, but he is an absolute loner, even spending his birthday alone. In the year of his 48th birthday (the age his father committed suicide) his brother Conrad, who has gone long ago and surrendered to addictions of all kinds, suddenly returns and gives Nicholas a card giving him entry to unusual entertainment provided by something called Consumer Recreation Services (CRS). Giving up to curiosity, Nicholas visits CRS and all kinds of weird...

    Gattaca (1997)


    • 82%
    • PG-13
    • 106 min
    • Drama

    The futuristic thriller Gattaca invites audiences to enter an alternate future in which "designer people" forged in test tubes rule society and genetics determine a person's future. In this world, a person with the right genetic stuff can do anything; but a person with even a slight defect or even potential for a defect is a prisoner of his own biological cells.

    The film stars Ethan Hawke as Vincent Freeman, a young man determined to break out of his imperfect genetic destiny and see his...

    Contact (1997)


    • 63%
    • PG
    • 150 min
    • Drama

    Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) has devoted herself to science for her entire life -- firm in the belief that there is something more in the universe. One morning, at deep-space research station in the desert, a radio message is received from the distant star, Vega to vindicate her belief. As the countries of the world unite in an effort to decode the transmission, the planet faces the message with equal parts hope and fear, for contained within it are blueprints for a machine of intergalactic...

    Lost Highway (1997)

    Lost Highway

    • 59%
    • R
    • 134 min
    • Drama

    A mesmerizing meditation on the mysterious nature of identity, Lost Highway is the latest film by David Lynch, creator of such modern masterworks as The Elephant Man. The film expands the horizons of the medium, taking its audience on a journey through the unknown and the unknowable. Radical, even for a Lynch film, Lost Highway is not only about the human psyche, it actually seems to take place inside it.

    Air Force One (1997)

    Air Force One

    • 78%
    • R
    • 124 min
    • Action

    A terrorist group has taken an entire plane hostage, demanding the release of General Alexander Radek, a vicious tyrant who has been murderously exploiting the remains of a Russia in shambles. Unless their leader is released, the terrorists will begin methodically killing passengers. But if the demands are met and Radek is set free, hundreds of thousands more will certainly die. One man must weigh the fate of his family, who is on board, against the fate of the world.

    Anastasia (1997)


    • 85%
    • G
    • 94 min
    • Animation

    A magical mix of action, adventure, comedy, romance and music, ANASTASIA is a spectacular, full-length animated motion picture about the lost Russian princess, the fabled last surviving member of the Romanov family, and her incredible journey to find her identity. During her one-of-a-kind adventure, Anastasia and her companions must battle the evil sorcerer Rasputin, his sidekick Bartok the bat, and a band of ghostly minions - all of whom will stop at nothing to complete Rasputin's curse...

    Absolute Power (1997)

    Absolute Power

    • 45%
    • R
    • 121 min
    • Crime

    Luther Whitney (CLINT EASTWOOD) is a technician, a craftsman and a solitary perfectionist. Those who know his work would say that he is, in fact, an artist. His business is done with meticulous care and his life is an accumulation of details, all of which must be executed with patience and precision. Luther Whitney is among the very best at what he does because he is well versed in the art of deception. He has the benefit of experience and he is an expert at disguise. He is also very careful to...

    Chasing Amy (1997)

    Chasing Amy

    • 88%
    • R
    • 113 min
    • Comedy

    In 'Chasing Amy', life-long best friends Holden McNeil (BEN AFFLECK) and Banky Edwards (JASON LEE) are enjoying success as the creators of the cult hit comic book 'Bluntman and Chronic.' When they meet fellow comic book artist Alyssa Jones (JOEY LAUREN ADAMS), Holden's desire for the beautiful charmer is immediate. Alyssa, however, has set her romantic sights elsewhere and yet decides, nevertheless, to pursue a friendship with Holden. This presents Holden with a dilemma: Feeling the way he...

    The Rainmaker (1997)

    The Rainmaker

    • 82%
    • PG-13
    • 135 min
    • Crime

    Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon) is an idealistic young law school graduate who aspires to be a "rainmaker." When he can't get his first shot with a great law firm, he finds employment doing grunt work and chasing ambulances for a sleazy character named Bruiser Stone (Mickey Rourke).

    Rudy latches onto a case that will shake the system to its foundation, exposing a multimillion-dollar insurance scam by taking on a powerful and corrupt company that has systematically made fortunes off the backs of poor...

    G.I. Jane (1997)

    G.I. Jane

    • 55%
    • R
    • 125 min
    • Action

    Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) sets a historic precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed to train for the Navy Seals. Selected for her courage, skills, and level headedness, O'Neil is determined to succeed in the most demanding, most merciless and most honored fighting force in the world. Under the relentless command of Master Chief John Urgayle (Viggo Mortensen), O'Neil is put through weeks of physical and emotional hell, and is not...