1999 Crime Movies (By Date)

Aaron Cohen's Debt

    • Unrated
    • 96 min
    • Crime

    A cheerful birthday party is interrupted by the arrival of the police. They've come for the honoree himself, Aaron Cohen. Bewildered and annoyed, Aaron is informed that he owes child support. Although, to the best of his knowledge such debt doesn't exist, the police march him off to the local jail. Despite his frail health and his daughter's frantic attempts to bail him out, Aaron is forced to spend the night behind bars. Indifferent guards, an over-crowded cell and an infected...

    Night Train (1999)

    Night Train

      • Unrated
      • 80 min
      • Crime

      An overweight California slob hears his brother's been killed in Tijuana and goes down to investigate. Once there he meets an odd assortment of characters, all of whom either knew his brother or in some way were involved with him.

      Excellent Cadavers (1999)

      Excellent Cadavers

      • 63%
      • NONE
      • 86 min
      • Drama

      Based on the book by Italian-American author Alexander Stille and featuring the photos of Sicilian photojournalist Letizia Battaglia, "Excellent Cadavers" chronicles the recent history of the Mafia and its integral--and seemingly ineradicable--relationship to postwar Italian politics. Whereas in the past the Cosa Nostra used to kill only their own, beginning in the Seventies the Mafia began assassinating prosecutors, judges and others who were fighting them, and thus began producing the...

      A Packing Suburbia

        • R
        • 90 min
        • Crime

        Crime - After an ugly divorce, James Maxwell and his mother are forced to move into a poor suburban neighborhood on Long Island. When the local gang murders his friend Celeste, James takes a handgun to exact his vengeance. A Packing Suburbia shows us the violent coming of age of a teenage youth, fueled by hate and aided by technology. - Thomas Brandise, Mariana Carreno, Robert Alexander

        Blue Ridge Fall (1999)

        Blue Ridge Fall

          • R
          • 99 min
          • Crime

          In Jefferson Creek, North Carolina, the colors of autumn signal Friday night lights, and high-school quarterback Danny Shepherd is the main event. He and his friends, Shane and Taz, live for the present, where good-natured fun often turns into trouble. A simple-minded sketch artist named Aaron looks up to Danny and the others as his only friends. After his mother is hospitalized by her abusive husband, Aaron commits a desperate act he cannot fully grasp: the murder of his own father. The boys...

          Let The Devil Wear Black (1999)

          Let The Devil Wear Black

          • 57%
          • R
          • 89 min
          • Crime

          A college student launches an investigation into his wealthy father's death when he suspects his mother and his uncle may have been involved. His suspicions seem cemented when the two announce their impending marriage only shortly after the death. The student's girl friend is also revealed to be increasingly unstable as the investigation progresses. Satch also is revealed to be deeply involved, but the connection has to be found. Written by John Sacksteder...

          Nowhere to Hide (1999)

          Nowhere to Hide

            • R
            • 112 min
            • Action

            An elusive master of disguise leads police on a deadly chase.

            Rogue Trader (1999)

            Rogue Trader

            • 30%
            • R
            • 101 min
            • Crime

            Rogue Trader tells the true story of Nick Leeson, an employee of Barings Bank who--after a successful trading run--ends up accumulating $1.4 billion in losses hidden in account #88888.

            Anthropophagous 2000 (1999)

            Anthropophagous 2000

              • Unrated
              • 80 min
              • Horror

              A group of friends stumble onto the killing grounds of a cannibalistic loner who then mercilessly stalks down the party, one-by-one. When only a small group remains, they decide to take a stand against the murderer and fight for their lives.

              - Written by


              Sing yuet tung wa (1999)

              Sing yuet tung wa

                • Unrated
                • 106 min
                • Drama

                Hitomi mourns day and night for the death of her fiancee Tachia in a fatal car crash. What a surprise in a visit to Hong Kong that she bumps into Bo, a local undercover cop who bears a strong resemblance of Tachia. With a twist of fate, Bo is in danger as he has been betrayed by a colleague. He flees to China with Hitomi. The two fugitives fall for each other in this life-and-death-journey. However, Hitomi's love over the late Tachia has been haunting and eroding her heart and soul...

                The Color of Lies (1999)

                The Color of Lies

                  • Unrated
                  • 113 min
                  • Crime

                  In a small Breton town, a 10-year-old girl is found murdered. René, her art teacher, a professional painter, is the last person to have seen her alive. The inspector in charge of the investigation immediately questions him. In this small provincial town where people all know each other and regularly meet at the Bar des Amis, René is increasingly unsettled by the other inhabitants' suspicions and by the inspector's investigation. Children stop coming to him for lessons. His...

                  Häjyt (1999)


                    • 105 min
                    • Action

                    Häjyt tells a story of two friends who have a hard time finding their place in the society. Antti and Jussi are released from jail. While they were doing time for bank robbery, the third man involved in the robbery, the one who was not convicted, has become a policeman. He tries to help his friends to settle into the small town in Pohjanmaa, but the boys start a black market liquor business instead. The road seems to lead back to the jail.

                    Justice (1999)


                      • R
                      • 103 min
                      • Thriller

                      A lawyer and her partner run from the Colombian Mafia and the corrupt U.S. marshals and attorneys assigned to protect them.

                      Boondock Saints (1999)

                      Boondock Saints

                        • R
                        • 110 min
                        • Action

                        Irish brothers Connor & Murphy MacManus live and work in Boston. Feeling that God's will to rid Earth from all human Evil was given to them as a mission, they set out to do their divine deed. A public outcry is never heard, and even FBI agent Paul Smecker, who follows their trace of bloodshed, admits that the boys are doing exactly what he secretly always has wished to happen. Risking their lives for their beliefs of Veritas (truth) and Aequitas (justice), the Boondock Saints are hyped by...

                        Plunkett & Macleane (1999)

                        Plunkett & Macleane

                        • 25%
                        • R
                        • 93 min
                        • Action

                        Plunkett (Robert Carlyle) and Macleane (Jonny Lee Miller) are an unlikely, but potent, team. Although from different ends of England's social spectrum, they enter into a "gentleman's agreement." Plunkett has the brains and the know-how; Macleane has the social connections. Stealing from the rich, they give to -- themselves: Plunkett aspires to journey to America, while Macleane seeks to enter high society. Macleane's social ambitions are facilitated by his old friend, the foppish and debauched...

                        Gloria (1999)


                        • 17%
                        • R
                        • 108 min
                        • Crime

                        Gloria (Sharon Stone) has survived more than her share of risky relationships. This time she's hooked up with a guy who's real trouble, a guy who could get her killed. Fresh off a three-year prison term, Gloria immediately violates parole and returns to New York City. Desperate and angry, she lashes out, putting to good use the tough education she earned growing up in Hell's Kitchen. In the process, she accidentally becomes guardian of a stubborn six-year-old boy, Nicky (Jean-Luke Figueroa),...

                        Thick as Thieves (1999)

                        Thick as Thieves

                          • R
                          • 93 min
                          • Crime

                          Two master thieves go at odds with one another as one sets the other up for a crime. The first, a suave pro who does his job and then hides in his own privacy, listening to old jazz records and caring for his ailing dog, Wally. The other is a local gangster with a taste for the finer life, who decides to eliminate the competition. This ignites a war between the two men and their aides. An angry mob boss and a female police officer try to sort the mess before things get too out of hand.

                          Jawbreaker (1999)


                          • 7%
                          • NONE
                          • 87 min
                          • Comedy

                          Courtney Shane (McGowan), Julie Freeman (Gayheart), Marcie Fox (Benz) and Liz Purr (Roldan) are all best friends. Or, to be more precise, they are drawn together by their appreciation for each other as the most popular and the most beautiful girls at Reagan. They are at the height of their popularity when an innocent birthday prank results in the accidental death of Liz, the sweetest member of the the clique. The class nerd, Fern Mayo (Greer) stumbles in on the girls' panicked attempts to cover...

                          Payback (1999)


                          • 53%
                          • R
                          • 100 min
                          • Action

                          The heist goes smoothly enough. The cash is already hot. So when Porter (Mel Gibson) and Val (Gregg Henry) steal it, they're in the clear. Time comes around to split the take and Val makes three grave mistakes: he takes Porter's cut; he takes Porter's wife and tries to take Porter's life. Problem is, when you kill this guy, you better make sure he's dead.

                          Porter soon resurfaces, reborn with a serious case of tunnel-vision. He wants his cut and doesn't care what he has to do to get it. Now,...

                          Ogniem i mieczem (1999)

                          Ogniem i mieczem

                            • 175 min
                            • Adventure

                            An epic story about the Ukrainian uprising against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth magnates in the 17th Century.