2002 February Movies

Dennis the Menace: Cruise Control (2002)

Dennis the Menace: Cruise Control

    • Unrated
    • 72 min
    • Adventure

    While on the cruise ship Dennis, Joey, Margaret, and Ruff find a princess who is being hypnotized, meanwhile two crooks are after the ring the princess wears.

    Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (2002)

    Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary

    • 87%
    • NONE
    • 75 min
    • Comedy

    Beautifully transposing the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's interpretation of Bram Stoker's classic vampire yarn from stage to screen, Maddin has forged a sumptuous, erotically charged feast of dance, drama and shadow. The black-and-white, blood-red-punctured "Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary" is a Gothic grand guignol of the notorious Count and his bodice-ripped victims, fringed with the expressionistic strains of Gustav Mahler.

    El grito

      • Unrated
      • 99 min
      • Thriller

      Estela Duarte is divorcing her cheating husband, has moved her two children in with her mom, and has taken the only writing job she can find - as a reporter for the tabloid, El Grito. She covers a series of grisly murders and mutilations of well-dressed women, each of whom turns out to be a mistress of rich men, including her father-in-law. She sees patterns and shares them with Ibarra, the cop in charge of the investigations. Her editor gives her professional support, her friend Laura gives...

      Fat Choi Spirit (2002)

      Fat Choi Spirit

        • Unrated
        • 96 min
        • Comedy

        Andy is a legendary Mahjong player. Years ago Andy's passion for Mahjong cost his family their entire fortune, his brother Louis then turned against him. Thus now Louis suffers from economy downturn. Andy offers to take care of him and their aging mother. Meanwhile, Louis is being trapped by a job interview supervisor and her cons, Sean. Andy revenged Sean by beating him at the game table. Gigi, Andy's ex-flame, is increasing disappointment in Andy's rejection, she wishes he'll never win at the...

        Framed (2002)


          • Unrated
          • 91 min
          • Action

          New York detective Mike Santini (Rob Lowe) is enjoying a holiday with his family when he spots Eddie Meyers (Sam Neill) a fugitive from justice who might be the key witness in a high profile case involving money laundering. Santini plays a major role in capturing Meyers which prompts the wiley criminal to request Santini to be the interrogating officer. The two size each other up in the interrogation room in a thriller that provides a number of unexpected twists.

          Gods of Olympia (2002)

          Gods of Olympia

            • Unrated
            • 89 min
            • Drama

            It looks like we don't have any Plot Summary for this title yet.

            Got 2 Believe (2002)

            Got 2 Believe

              • Unrated
              • 113 min
              • Romance

              Got 2 Believe is a romantic-comedy film starring Claudine Barretto who plays a wedding planner and the late Rico Yan playing a wedding photographer. The title originated from the popular song "Got to Believe in Magic" performed by David Pomeranz, and revived by Filipino band Side A, which was also the movie's theme song. It was a box office success in the Philippines. The movie was directed by Olivia Lamasan and produced by Star Cinema, the film production arm of ABS-CBN. This would be Rico...

              Guardian of the Frontier (2002)

              Guardian of the Frontier

                • Unrated
                • 98 min
                • Drama

                Three girls' summer canoe trip down the river Kolpa becomes a journey into fear when they discover that the wooded riverbanks not only conceal the frontier between Slovenia and Croatia, but also the border between the permissible and the forbidden, and that it is the self-styled Guardian of the Frontier who draws the line. Written by Princeska

                Hard Cash (2002)

                Hard Cash

                  • 116 min
                  • Action

                  Released from prison, an infamous thief and his new crew pull of a brilliant robbery but then become embroiled with a corrupt FBI agent when they discover the money is marked.

                  Hatred of a Minute (2002)

                  Hatred of a Minute

                    • 83 min
                    • Crime

                    Eric Seaver is a regular guy with a beautiful fiancé, a day job transcribing autopsy reports and a bloody, terrified woman tied up in the backseat of his car.

                    Hell's Highway (2002)

                    Hell's Highway

                    • 33%
                    • R
                    • 70 min
                    • Horror

                    Four college friends take a fateful road trip. The road, Hell's Highway--a direct route to terror. They pick up Lucinda: A hot young hitchiker, full of sexual deviance and lust for the bloody kill. After being terrorized and nearly killed, the group manages to turn the tables. They thought they killed her, but around the next ben--around every ben-- she appears like a mirage ready to murder again. Is she the devil? Can anyone stop her killing spree? Written by www.braindamagefilms.com ...

                    How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (2002)

                    How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog

                    • 59%
                    • R
                    • 107 min
                    • Comedy

                    The story of Peter McGowan, a chain-smoking, impotent, insomniac playwright who lives in Los Angeles. Once very successful, he is now in the tenth year of a decade-long string of production failures. He finds himself bonding with a new neighbor's lonely young daughter who has mild cerebral palsy; and during one of his middle-of-the-night strolls, he encounters his oddball doppelgänger.

                    Keep the Faith, Baby

                      • PG
                      • 107 min
                      • Biography

                      Harry J. Lennix stars as trailblazing and controversial African-American congressman and Civil Rights activist Adam Clayton Powell Jr., who started out as a preacher in Harlem and then went on to deal with such issues as the integration of schools in the 1940s and '50s. Vanessa Williams portrays his second wife, jazz singer Hazel Scott.

                      Local Boys (2002)

                      Local Boys

                        • PG-13
                        • 102 min
                        • Drama

                        On Skeet’s twelfth birthday his older brother Randy buys him his first surfboard. Suddenly his summer turns to the endless search for the perfect wave, wild times and beach parties and eventually, finding his own daring adventures when Randy’s attention turns to a girl. Beyond his wildest dreams, Skeet is taken under the wings of surfing legend Jim Wesley who gives Skeet first-hand lessons in hot-dogging. Meanwhile, Randy, still dealing with the loss of his father and trying to fill his...

                        Lost in La Mancha (2002)

                        Lost in La Mancha

                        • 94%
                        • NONE
                        • 93 min
                        • Documentary

                        Lost In La Mancha may be the first 'un-making of' documentary. In a genre that exists to hype films before their release, Lost In La Mancha presents an unexpected twist: it is the story of a film that does not exist. Instead of a sanitised glimpse behind the scenes, Lost In La Mancha offers a unique, in-depth look at the harsher realities of filmmaking. With

                        drama that ranges from personal conflicts to epic storms, this is a record of a film disintegrating.

                        Low Heights (2002)

                        Low Heights

                          • Unrated
                          • 115 min
                          • Action

                          A person wants to hijack an airplane to go out of Iran and cure his sick son.

                          Marry A Rich Man (2002)

                          Marry A Rich Man

                            • Unrated
                            • 93 min
                            • Comedy

                            Mi, a propane delivery girl, declares to the heavens that she must marry a rich man. On a flight to Milan Me meets Christmas, a cute, rich Hong Kong resident who immediately takes a shine to Mi. She thinks she’s hit the jackpot, but as soon as they land the two are pick-pocketed by a local. Undaunted, they go on a “poor man’s date” making the run of Milan without a penny. And the two get along famously, leading Me to the conclusion that her cynical gold-digging plans have worked.

                            Maryam (2002)


                            • 78%
                            • 90 min
                            • Drama

                            In 1979, Mary, an Iranian-American teenager, pursues fun and romance in the suburbs. But her world is turned upside-down when her passionate, politically active cousin comes to live with the family at the same time that Americans are taken hostage in Iran. Based on actual events, "Maryam" offers a poignant look at prejudice and betrayal, in what was a tumultuous period for Iranians and Americans.

                            Moro no Brasil (2002)

                            Moro no Brasil

                              • Unrated
                              • 105 min
                              • Documentary

                              A documentary about Brazil's music.

                              One Way Out (2002)

                              One Way Out

                                • R
                                • 94 min
                                • Crime

                                Harry Woltz is a homicide cop with a gambling problem; a problem that leaves him owing a great deal of money to the Russell brothers. To clear the debt they ask him to train John Farrow to murder his wife, Evans, without leaving the usual clues or making the usual mistakes. However when Harry's ex-partner is put on the case, she begins to get closer than Harry had thought before the case takes some unexpected twists. Written by bob the moo