2003 April Movies

Holes (2003)


  • 77%
  • PG
  • 117 min
  • Adventure

Based on the award-winning children's book of the same name, Holes tells the story of Stanley Yelnats, a teen sent to a detention camp in Texas for a crime he didn't commit. The warden, a cruel woman who uses snake venom to paint her nails, forces the boys to dig holes as punishment and to build character. Her motives seem unusually sadistic, until the boys discover her secret �

X2: X-Men United (2003)

X2: X-Men United

  • 87%
  • PG-13
  • 133 min
  • Action

Mutants continue their struggle against a society that fears and mistrusts them. Their cause becomes even more desperate following an incredible attack by as an yet undetermined assailant possessing extraordinary abilities. The shocking attack renews the political and public outcry for a Mutant Registration Act and an anti-mutant movement now led by William Stryker (Brian Cox), a wealthy former Army commander who is rumoured to have experimented on mutants.Stryker's mutant "work" is somehow...

House Of 1000 Corpses (2003)

House Of 1000 Corpses

  • 19%
  • R
  • 89 min
  • Horror

There are four college-age kids driving cross-country, researching a book on weird roadside attractions...This stuff has kind of disapeared now, but it was very prevalent in the 70's- like 'World's Biggest Ball of String,' 'Bigfoot Museum,' things like that. So they stumble upon this place called 'Captain Sapulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen.' It's basically a serial killer museum in the middle of nowhere, and Captain Sapulding is played by Sid [Spider Baby] Haig- he's the crazy-looking...

Identity (2003)


  • 62%
  • R
  • 90 min
  • Mystery

This is the story of ten complete strangers who are stranded at a remote desert motel during a raging storm who soon find themselves being murdered... as their numbers thin out, they turn on each other, as each tries to figure out who is the killer.

Memories of Murder (2003)

Memories of Murder

    • NONE
    • 129 min
    • Crime

    Based on a true story, "Memories of Murder" is a Korean suspense thriller offering an unusual fusion of death and laughter, while recollecting truly nightmarish events.

    Anger Management (2003)

    Anger Management

    • 43%
    • PG-13
    • 106 min
    • Comedy

    Adam Sandler will play a cowardly businessman who's accidentally sent to an anger-management program. The program's instructor, a rabidly aggressive nutcase, turns Sandler's character's life upside down.

    Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

    Under the Tuscan Sun

    • 61%
    • NONE
    • 113 min
    • Comedy

    An American lawyer (Lane) quits her stressful job and travels to Tuscany, Italy looking for a new life, deciding to buy a derelict villa near the village of Cortona. While rebuilding her new home and learning how to live in another country, she finds a new start on life, and love.

    A Man Apart (2003)

    A Man Apart

    • 11%
    • R
    • 109 min
    • Action

    Vin Diesel stars as Agent Sean Vetter, a DEA operative fighting the drug wars along the US/Mexican border. After a major player from the Baja Cartel is imprisoned, a new mysterious figure known as Diablo wrests control over the entire operation. But when Vetter's wife is murdered in a botched hit, he and his partner (Larenz Tate) must join forces with the jailed Cartel boss to hunt down the dangerous and elusive new player. Directed by F. Gary Gray (The Negotiator, Set It Off), A Man Apart is...

    Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003)

    Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

    • 10%
    • PG-13
    • 85 min
    • Comedy

    Loveable dullard siblings Harry and Lloyd return in When Harry Met Lloyd: Dumb & Dumberer, the prequel to the 1994 blockbuster Dumb & Dumber. This time around, Harry and Lloyd are in their formative high school years, when they band together with a group of special ed students to try and crack "the big show," otherwise known as mainstream high school.

    Basic (2003)


    • 21%
    • R
    • 98 min
    • Action

    Six soldiers went out. Two came back. What happened to the military�s most elite commandos? When a legendary commander (Samuel L. Jackson) and several of his men turn up missing, the last thing the government wants is a rogue DEA agent (John Travolta) investigating the disappearance. As the investigation unfolds, the agent is placed in direct conflict with the Army's official investigating officer (Connie Nielsen) and nothing is as it seems.

    Malibu's Most Wanted (2003)

    Malibu's Most Wanted

    • 30%
    • PG-13
    • 86 min
    • Comedy

    Malibu's Most Wanted is a story of a rich, white boy who acts like he's black. In an effort to get his son to act normally, his father hires black actors to scare him straight. The film is based on a character Jamie Kennedy created on his prank television show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson co-star.

    House Of The Dead (2003)

    House Of The Dead

    • 4%
    • R
    • 92 min
    • Action

    A band of college students go to a rave on a mysterious island and get more than they bargained for when they find themselves stalked by killer zombies and terrifying creatures intent on feasting on the flesh of the living. With only a few weapons and time running out, they take shelter in an ancient house, inside which they will uncover the secrets of the "House of the Dead."

    Confidence (2003)


    • 71%
    • R
    • 97 min
    • Crime

    A master con man Jake Vig (Burns) swindles a few thousand dollars from an unsuspecting victim who turns out to be an accountant for a major crime kingpin (Hoffman). Unable to return the money, Jake and his crew offer to pull off a big con to repay their debt. Although the con looks to be going awry, the con men prove to be one step ahead.

    A Mighty Wind (2003)

    A Mighty Wind

    • 88%
    • PG-13
    • 91 min
    • Comedy

    What Christopher Guest did to heavy metal with Spinal Tap and community theater with Waiting for Guffman he will now do to folk music with this untitled project co-written with Eugene Levy. Guest told The Hollywood Reporter that the plot will deal with three aging folk acts who travel to New York to pay tribute to a deceased manager. Expect a lot of hilarious original music.

    15: The Movie (2003)

    15: The Movie

      • 96 min
      • Drama

      Fast, frenetic, and furious, 15 is the story of five Singaporean teenagers who, abandoned by the system and estranged from their parents and life in general, build their own world in which gangs, drugs, fighting, piercing, self-harm and suicide are common and brotherhood is important above all else. Acted by real street kids, it presents a gritty side of modern-day Singapore life.

      A Decade Under the Influence (2003)

      A Decade Under the Influence

      • 77%
      • R
      • 152 min
      • Documentary

      This documentary will examine the decade of the 1970's as a crucial turning point in the history of American film, with some of the best filmmakers of today interview the influential directors of the 1970's. Demme described the inspiration, talking to Variety, "Our goal is to write a love letter to the artists that made the '70's the greatest decade in American filmmaking... The thing that motivated us was to keep alive the stories of these great artists."

      A Painted House (2003)

      A Painted House

        • Unrated
        • 120 min
        • Drama

        A young boy, his family, and the migrant workers they hire to work their cotton farm struggle against difficult odds to raise and sell the crop. Meanwhile, the boy dreams of living in better conditions. However, with this particularly tough farming season, the boy learns that his challenges guide him in discovering who he really is. Written by Anonymous

        A Sea Apart (2003)

        A Sea Apart

          • Unrated
          • 90 min
          • Documentary
          A Wrinkle in Time (2003)

          A Wrinkle in Time

            • PG
            • 128 min
            • Family

            The movie is based on a children's series by the same name. Meg and Charles Wallace are aided by Calvin and 3 interesting women, Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Who in the search for their father who disappeared during an experiment he was working on for the government. Their travels take them around the universe to a place unlike any other. They must learn to trust each other and to understand that everyone is different. Written by Mandy Heuer

            Anus Magillicutty (2003)

            Anus Magillicutty

              • NR
              • 70 min
              • Comedy

              When Anus Magillicutty's woman stops a would-be assassin, Anus is forced to interrupt his life of guzzling beer and women to dispose of the corpse. What starts as a simple chore quickly escalates into a darker plot of deceit and revenge where it seems even Satan himself is after Anus.