2004 July Movies

Tu gaijeu

Tu gaijeu

    • Unrated
    • 116 min
    • Action

    Hun(CHA Tae-hyun) is a famous Casanova who works as a part-time valet parker at a bar. He suffers from a huge amount of credit card debt, since he has spent money on his girls. Meanwhile, Hun's usurer hires Joong-tae(PARK Joong-hun) to threaten Hun for getting his money back. One day, Hun and Joong-tae witness a murder scene, and they fall into the real trouble.

    Who Flung Poo

      • Unrated
      • 62 min

      An artist named Poo paints chicken pot pies with the excrement of homeless people. With the help of an adult filmmaker in his drug rehab course, he hopes to earn a fortune by impregnating his wife and making a "pregnant porn" film.

      - Written by

      Eric Beaman

      Zhou Yu's Train

      Zhou Yu's Train

      • 41%
      • PG-13
      • 97 min
      • Drama

      Love is not logical, desire not rational, and obsession inexplicable. China's screen goddess and Venice Film Festival Best Actress Award winner Gong Li reunite with director Sun Zhou in a story about an inimitable woman's search for love that is drenched in bitter-sweet desire and a romantic fatalism. Zhou Yu, a painter at a ceramic factory in the town of Sanming in northwestern China, has fallen in love with Chen Qing, a shy poet who works in a library in Zhongyang and lives in the clouds. To see him, she travels from Sanming to Zhongyang by train on every weekend, and whenever the longing to see him overcomes her. Zhou would wait for her at the train station, with roses, lilies or carnations. Back at Chen's tiny apartment, they make passionate love, and always conclude their amorous encounter with a bowl of sweet tofu soup from an old street peddler. Their future together seems so assured that Zhou Yu never talks or even thinks about it, but applies her energies raising money and pulling strings to get Chen's poetry published. Until one day, on one her train journeys, she meets Zhang Jiang, a cynical traveling veterinarian who is not without worldly charms. An accident takes them to Shen Hu, the lake of fairies, a prominent place in one of Chen Qing's poems. That chance meeting will change the destiny of Zhou Yu and the two men.