2007 April Movies

Towards Darkness (2007)

Towards Darkness

    • R
    • 94 min
    • Crime

    Deals with 90 minutes in a kidnapped hostage's life, and the frustration his family, a special ops team, and a man in charge of delivering the ransom money all feel as they rush to save him.

    Treasure Raiders (2007)

    Treasure Raiders

      • PG-13
      • 95 min
      • Action

      Michael, an American professor teaching history at Moscow University, finances his passion for treasure hunting with competitive street racing. His racing nemesis Wolf becomes his ally as they both embark on a quest to search for a famous ancient Russian treasure. Written by Robert Madrid

      Unstrung (2007)


        • 95 min
        • Documentary

        Unstrung exposes the dramas of the juniors tennis world, hitting the road with a handful of teenage competitors as they head for the national championship.

        Vivere (2007)


        • 47%
        • R
        • 102 min
        • Drama

        From award-winning filmmaker Angelina Maccarone and starring German veteran actress Hannelore Elsner, "Vivere" is a romantic drama about three women on the run from their lives.

        Whisper Island (2007)

        Whisper Island

          • PG
          • 100 min
          • Family

          In pursuit of lost Civil War gold to save their fading ranch, two kids help an old woman solve the mystery of her past.

          Without the King (2007)

          Without the King

          • 95%
          • NONE
          • 84 min
          • Documentary

          Swaziland is Africa's last absolute monarchy and a nation at a dangerous crossroads. Wedged between South Africa and Mozambique, it is a tiny kingdom of enormous inequality and the world's highest HIV infection rate (43%). The people demand democracy and an end to starvation, while the king lives a life of luxury and rules by decree. With unprecedented access, we meet the royal family: Princess Sikhanyiso, a teenage rapper and eldest child; Queen LaMbikiza, a headstrong outsider and first of 12...


          • 58%
          • NONE
          • 76 min
          • Documentary

          "Zoo" is an extraordinary glimpse into the life of a seemingly normal Seattle family man whose secret sexual appetites led to his shocking death. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Robinson Devor ("Woman Chaser," "Police Beat"), the film explores the ensuing media coverage and public outcry that uncovered a secret community of zoophiles, who call themselves "zoos." This expressionistic rendering of how apparently upstanding citizens banded together and videotaped their journey into the most taboo...