2007 Comedy Movies

The Savages (2007)

The Savages

  • 89%
  • R
  • 114 min
  • Comedy

An irreverent, hilarious and heartbreaking story revolving around a modern American family, "The Savages" portrays an all-too-common dilemma: after drifting apart emotionally and geographically over the years, two siblings Wendy (Laura Linney) and Jon (Philip Seymour Hoffman) must band together to care for an elderly parent (Philip Bosco).

Run, Fat Boy, Run (2007)

Run, Fat Boy, Run

    • PG-13
    • 100 min
    • Comedy

    "Run, Fatboy, Run" centers on a charming but oblivious overweight guy who leaves his fiancee on their wedding day only to discover years later that he really loves her. To win her back, he must finish a marathon while making her realize that her handsome, wealthy fiance is the wrong guy for her.

    Georgia Rule (2007)

    Georgia Rule

    • 17%
    • R
    • 113 min
    • Comedy

    Three generations of top actresses unite in a film from director Garry Marshall ("Beaches," "Pretty Woman," "Runaway Bride") about the power of redemption, freedom in forgiveness and unbreakable bonds of motherhood--"Georgia Rule."

    Virgin Territory (2007)

    Virgin Territory

      • R
      • 93 min
      • Drama

      Young Florentines regale one another in the Italian countryside while the black plague decimates their city.

      Are We Done Yet? (2007)

      Are We Done Yet?

      • 8%
      • PG
      • 92 min
      • Comedy

      In this sequel to the 2005 hit comedy "Are We There Yet?", Nick Persons (Ice Cube), his girlfriend (Nia Long) and her two kids leave the city for the suburbs, but the dream home they plan to fix-up soon turns into a nightmare.

      I Think I Love My Wife (2007)

      I Think I Love My Wife

      • 18%
      • R
      • 94 min
      • Comedy

      A remake of the 1972 Eric Rohmer comedy "Chloe in the Afternoon." Rock plays Richard Cooper, a happily married man with a young daughter, whose former flame (Washington) reenters the picture causing him to question his marriage.

      "I Think I Love My Wife," written, directed by and starring Chris Rock, is a sophisticated comedy about marriage and the lure of a new love. Nikki (Kerry Washington) is the exciting free spirit who makes Richard's (Chris Rock) daydreams come true while Richard's wife...

      Sex and Death 101 (2007)

      Sex and Death 101

      • 25%
      • R
      • 116 min
      • Comedy

      The dark comedy concerns a man whose life is upended by an email containing the names of every woman he's had sex with -- and every woman he ever will have sex with.

      Jab We Met (2007)

      Jab We Met

        • 138 min
        • Comedy

        Depressed after the passing of his father, Dharamraj; as well as his gorgeous girlfriend ditching him, Mumbai-based businessman Aditya Kashyap takes a BEST bus, goes to Chatrapati Shivaji Train Terminus, and boards a train. This is where he meets Geet Kaur Dhillon, who is returning home to Bhatinda, and who pays for his ticket. At Bar Nagar, he decides to leave, but she follows him, missing her train. They manage to get a ride to Ratlam, miss the train again, but eventually make it to Bhatinda....

        Why Did I Get Married? (2007)

        Why Did I Get Married?

        • 44%
        • PG-13
        • 118 min
        • Comedy

        Based on Tyler Perry's play about the joys and trials of matrimony.

        After Sex (2007)

        After Sex

          • NR
          • 78 min
          • Comedy

          After Sex is an edgy relationship comedy that uses sex as a background to examine intimacy and vulnerability. It's a humorous, yet honest look at the complexity of modern day relationships told through nine separate couples.

          Caramel (2007)


          • 92%
          • NONE
          • 95 min
          • Comedy

          In Beirut, five women meet regularly in a beauty salon, a colorful and sensual microcosm of the city where several generations come into contact, talk and confide in each other. In the salon, their intimate and liberated conversations revolve around men, sex and motherhood, between haircuts and sugar waxing with caramel.

          "3rd Rock from the Sun" The Art of Dick

            • Unrated
            • 60 min
            • Comedy

            Tommy has enlisted Sally in the school bake sale and Sally takes it just a bit too serious. Meanwhile, Harry feels bad about himself because he has failed everything he has tried so far. When Dr. Albright tells Dick she paints, Dick takes Harry to a class and Harry turns out to be a good painter. Dick on the other hand is lousy at it and for the first time experiences what it is to be less good at something than Harry. Written by Marco van Hoof <[email protected]>

            "American Dad!" Dope and Faith

              • Unrated
              • 22 min
              • Animation

              After realizing he has no friends, Stan prays to God that hell soon find one. And he does! The only catch is that his new best friend doesnt believe in God! Meanwhile Roger tricks Steve ...

              "Boris" Exit Strategy

                • Unrated
                • 23 min
                • Comedy

                "Everybody Hates Chris" Everybody Hates the Substitute

                  • R
                  • 20 min
                  • Comedy

                  A black substitute teacher takes over Chris' class while Ms. Morello is away, but the teacher ends up giving Chris a hard time, prompting Chris to figure out a way to get rid of him. Toyna discovers that she can her own way by accusing Drew of hitting her, and Mr. Omar gets on Julius' last nerve. Written by Kyleigh Heredia

                  "Heartbeat" Troubled Waters

                    • Unrated
                    • 50 min
                    • Drama

                    Maggie Hutchinson gives birth to a little girl who dies because nurse Cassidy could not get hold of a doctor when she needed one. It goes hard with her husband Ken and he gets into a regular fight with PC Walker when Oscar Blaketon refuses to serve him any more drinks. He gets off with a warning, but continues to act like a complete idiot. Emily Merryweather has just been widowed for the second time. The first time she remarried within three months and it seems she intends to become Mrs....

                    "Just Jordan" Dead Man Joaquin

                      • Unrated
                      • Comedy

                      "Reaper" Ashes to Ashes

                        • Unrated
                        • 40 min
                        • Adventure

                        Ben's mother and grandmother stop by the Work Bench for some supplies for their family reunion. However, things go sour when his grandmother accuses Sam of being evil and calls him Diablo, the Spanish word for devil. Meanwhile, Sam meets a mysterious woman named Mimi, who claims to have been the Devil's girlfriend for over 20 years, and he wonders whether her daughter is the Devil's daughter or not. Written by Anonymous

                        "Zoey 101" Curse of PCA: Part 1

                          • Unrated
                          • 30 min
                          • Comedy

                          Do ghosts exist? At PCA nobody thought so until they heard the story of Charles Galloway, a former PCA student who supposedly disappeared.

                          14 Days in Paradise

                            • Unrated
                            • 87 min
                            • Comedy

                            Ten years ago, Alex Johnson was on top of the world as the most popular member of a famous boy band. These days however, Alex's star doesn't shine so high or so bright and while his career is over, the only thing holding him together is his up and coming marriage to Veronica, a Uruguayan beauty queen. But when Alex and his parents, Al and Barbara, travel to his winter home in beautiful Punta del Este, things fall apart in a very bad way when Al winds up in bed with Veronica. A...