2007 June Movies

Transformers (2007)


  • 57%
  • PG-13
  • 144 min
  • Action

Introduced in 1984, the Transformers brand took the world by storm with its compelling saga of the Autobots versus the Decepticons. The innovative "Robots in Disguise" resulted in a tremendously successful toy line from Hasbro and Takara, comic book series, television program and an animated feature film. More than 20 years later, a new generation has discovered the excitement of the Transformers brand and its legendary characters, including the two leaders of the opposing sides: Optimus Prime...

Ratatouille (2007)


  • 96%
  • G
  • 110 min
  • Animation

Pixar's CG-animated film about a rat named Ratatouille, who lives in a fancy Parisian restaurant run by a famous, but eccentric chef.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • 78%
  • PG-13
  • 138 min
  • Adventure

Harry Potter is faced with the unreliability of the very government of the magical world and the impotence of the authorities at Hogwarts. Despite this (or perhaps because of it), he finds depth and strength in his friends, beyond what even he knew; boundless loyalty; and unbearable sacrifice.

Knocked Up (2007)

Knocked Up

  • 90%
  • R
  • 129 min
  • Comedy

"Knocked Up" follows a twentysomething guy who finds out he impregnated his one-night stand.

Mr. Brooks (2007)

Mr. Brooks

  • 55%
  • R
  • 120 min
  • Crime

Consider MR. BROOKS. A successful businessman, a generous philanthropist, a loving father and devoted husband. Seemingly, he's perfect. But Mr. Brooks has a secret -- he is an insatiable serial killer, so lethally clever that no one has ever suspected him -- until now.

Academy Award winner Kevin Costner stars as Earl Brooks, a man who has managed to keep his two incompatible worlds from intersecting by controlling his cunning, wicked alter ego Marshall (Academy Award winner William Hurt) whom...

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard

  • 82%
  • PG-13
  • 128 min
  • Action

An attack on the vulnerable United States computer infrastructure begins to shut down the entire nation. The mysterious figure behind the shattering scheme has figured out every digital angle - but he never figured an old-fashioned, "analog" fly-in-the-ointment: John McClane.

Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

Ocean's Thirteen

  • 70%
  • PG-13
  • 122 min
  • Crime

The sequel to Ocean's Eleven (2001) and Ocean's Twelve (2004). Ocean's Thirteen will be mostly filmed in a re-created casino on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, with some external scenes filmed in Las Vegas. This time around, the team are after diamonds and are out for revenge when a casino owner (Pacino) cuts Tishkoff (Gould) out of a deal.

Hostel: Part II (2007)

Hostel: Part II

  • 44%
  • R
  • 93 min
  • Horror

The sequel focuses on three girls who are studying in Italy for the summer and they get lured back to a lot of familiar places. It turns out that the Slovakian stopover is actually part of a chain and you'll see the ins and outs of the whole organization and how they get people and kill them. "Hostel 2" starts immediately where the first film left off.

Man from Earth (2007)

Man from Earth

    • NR
    • 87 min
    • Drama

    After history professor John Oldman unexpectedly resigns from the university, his startled colleagues impulsively invite themselves to his home, pressing him for an explanation. They're shocked to hear his reason for premature retirement: John claims he must move on because he is immortal, and cannot stay in one place for more than ten years without his secret being discovered.

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

    • 37%
    • PG
    • 92 min
    • Action

    The Fantastic Four are back in this sequel to the 2005 blockbuster. The superhero team includes: Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic, who can elongate his body; Susan Storm / Invisible Woman, who not only can become invisible at will but can render other objects invisible; Johnny Storm / Human Torch, who can shoot fire from his finger tips and bend flame; and Ben Grimm / The Thing, a hideously misshapen monster with superhuman strength.

    Evan Almighty (2007)

    Evan Almighty

    • 23%
    • PG
    • 96 min
    • Comedy

    The sequel will take the news anchor character Steve Carell played in "Bruce Almighty" and put him on an Almighty-inspired quest to build an ark in preparation for a great flood.

    1408 (2007)


    • 78%
    • PG-13
    • 94 min
    • Horror

    Based on Stephen King's short story, "1408" stars John Cusack as a debunker of paranormal occurrences who encounters real terror when he checks into the notorious Room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel.

    Surf's Up (2007)

    Surf's Up

    • 78%
    • PG
    • 85 min
    • Animation

    A stylistically daring CGI feature, "Surf's Up" is based on the groundbreaking revelation that surfing was actually invented by penguins. In the film, a documentary crew will take audiences behind the scenes and onto the waves during the most competitive, heartbreaking and dangerous display of surfing known to man, the Penguin World Surfing Championship.

    Big Stan (2007)

    Big Stan

      • NONE
      • 105 min
      • Action

      "Big Stan" marks the directorial debut of "Saturday Night Live" alum Rob Schneider and features David Carradine and Jennifer Morrison. The comedy, written by Josh Lieb, tells the story of Stan (Schneider), a white collar con man who, after being sentenced to prison, spends his last remaining free days trying to figure out ways to avoid being violated in "the big house." Seeking help from a mysterious martial arts guru known only as "The Master" (Carradine), Stan transforms himself into a combat...

      Shelter (2007)


      • 58%
      • R
      • 88 min
      • Drama

      Forced to give up his dreams of art school, Zach spends his days working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her son. In his free time he surfs, draws and hangs out with his best friend, Gabe, who lives on the wealthy side of town. When Gabe's older brother, Shaun, returns home, he is drawn to Zach's selflessness and talent. Zach falls in love with Shaun while struggling to reconcile his own desires with the needs of his family.

      Inside (2007)


        • NONE
        • 78 min
        • Horror

        Four months after the tragic car accident that claimed the life of her husband, the very pregnant Sarah (Alysson Paradis) is relaxing alone in her suburban house on Christmas Eve, waiting for her mother to take her to the hospital where her doctor will induce labour. The silent night is broken by a knock on the door as a woman (Beatrice Dalle) calmly asks to use the phone. Immediately suspicious, Sarah refuses to let the stranger in and calls the police, who find no trace of the woman when they...

        Nancy Drew (2007)

        Nancy Drew

        • 50%
        • PG
        • 99 min
        • Comedy

        Based on characters created by Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew follows Nancy (Emma Roberts) as she accompanies her father Carson (Tate Donovan) to Los Angeles on one of his business trips and stumbles across evidence about a long-unsolved crime involving the mysterious death of a beautiful movie star. Nancy's resourcefulness and personal responsibility are put to the test when she finds herself in the middle of the fast-living, self-indulgent world of Hollywood.

        Max Thieriot stars as Nancy's...

        Black Water (2007)

        Black Water

        • 79%
        • R
        • 90 min
        • Action

        A terrifying tale of survival in the mangrove swamps of Northern Australia

        Sex and Death 101 (2007)

        Sex and Death 101

        • 25%
        • R
        • 116 min
        • Comedy

        The dark comedy concerns a man whose life is upended by an email containing the names of every woman he's had sex with -- and every woman he ever will have sex with.

        Evening (2007)


        • 27%
        • PG-13
        • 117 min
        • Drama

        A dying woman reflects on the time in her youth when she met the love of her life, as her two daughters wrestle with their mother's impending death and their own personal issues.