2007 November Movies (By Date)

Shrek the Halls (2007)

Shrek the Halls

    • G
    • 58 min
    • Animation

    The Christmas tree isn't the only thing green in this new holiday classic. Shrek is back and trying to get into the spirit of the season. After promising Fiona and the kids a Christmas they'll remember, he is forced to take a crash course in the holiday. But just when he thinks he has everything for their quiet family Christmas just right, there is a knock at the door.

    My Blueberry Nights (2007)

    My Blueberry Nights

    • 47%
    • NONE
    • 90 min
    • Drama

    The movie centers on a woman, played by singer Norah Jones, who travels across the country searching for answers about love and finding comedic adventures along the way.

    The Vanishing Point (2007)

    The Vanishing Point

      • Unrated
      • 88 min
      • Documentary

      Lucie Audibert, a student of Art History, does research work on Watteau. She is persuaded that a hidden sense that nobody has ever deciphered can be found in a few of his paintings. The further she proceeds the more professor Jean Dussart - for unclear reasons - tries to discourage her. But Lucie is persistent, even stubborn, and, aided by Vincent, a mute street mime, she manages to attain her goal in spite of everything.

      - Written by


      The Tattooist (2007)

      The Tattooist

        • R
        • 92 min
        • Horror

        American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) explores and exploits ethnic designs from around the world. At a tattoo expo in Singapore, he glimpses the exotic world of traditional Samoan tatau in the work of the fiercely proud Alipati (Robbie Magasiva). Fatefully, Jake is attracted to Alipati's beautiful cousin, Sina (Mia Blake). When Jake impulsively steals an ancient Samoan tattooing tool, he unwittingly unleashes a powerful angry spirit. Suddenly, his art takes on a frightening new...

        Awake (2007)


        • 24%
        • R
        • 84 min
        • Crime

        A man undergoing open heart surgery (Christensen) discovers that the anasthesia has left him awake and aware, though paralyzed, forcing his wife (Alba) into a difficult decision.

        Missionary Man (2007)

        Missionary Man

          • R
          • 93 min
          • Action

          A lone biker rides into town in the aftermath of the death of his good friend J.J. Once there Ryder discovers that his friend didn't die but was murdered by a local businessman who would let nothing stand in the way of his plans to build a state of the art casino on Indian reservation and. On a mission of justice Ryder confronts and defeats Reno and his men in a tour de force show down where the one (Ryder) vanquishes the many.

          - Written by


          In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)

          In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

            • PG-13
            • 127 min
            • Action

            A simple family man (Jason Statham) is forced to take up arms after an evil sorcerer (Ray Liotta) unleashes an army of bloodthirsty beasts that destroy his small village and capture his beautiful wife (Claire Forlani). As the marauding forces overrun the land in an effort to overthrow the king (Burt Reynolds) and his loyal magus (John Rhys-Davies), the once peace-loving peasant and his two companions (Ron Perlman and Will Sanderson) venture into perilous, uncharted terrain on a daring rescue...

            Sex and Breakfast (2007)

            Sex and Breakfast

            • 9%
            • R
            • 81 min
            • Comedy

            The provocative and thought-provoking SEX AND BREAKFAST intertwines the lives of two young couples that experiment with anonymous group sex as a way to revitalize their troubled relationships. Through the experience they are forced to rethink the rudiments of a successful relationship: sex, love, and communication.

            After a series of mishaps fueled by jealousy, confusion, and insecurities, all four individuals soon find that true love and lasting relationships are ultimately about more than sex...

            Mad Detective (2007)

            Mad Detective

            • 84%
            • NONE
            • 89 min
            • Action

            A rookie cop teaming up with a former officer to hunt down a serial killer.

            Debt (2007)


              • R
              • 92 min
              • Drama

              "The Debt" revolves around three Mossad agents who, 20 years after World War II's end, learn that a Nazi war criminal is still alive and set out to pursue him across Europe. Assaf Bernstein directed the 2007 Israeli film, titled "HaHov," which like the remake is set in the 1960s and 1990s.

              Milky Way Liberation Front (2007)

              Milky Way Liberation Front

                • Unrated
                • 85 min
                • Adventure

                Writer's block may be the least of rookie filmmaker Ryu Young Jae's problems. His girlfriend ditched him, his first feature production is falling apart, and things are looking like they'll only get worse in this absurd adventure from one of South Korea 's edgiest young filmmakers.

                - Written by

                Tribeca Film Festival

                Lolita's Club (2007)

                Lolita's Club

                  • Unrated
                  • 100 min
                  • Drama

                  The plot follows the story of twin brothers, one is a coldhearted violent police officer, the other is a helpless romantic with a mental disability. The two brothers are tragically involved with a prostitute who works in the bordello that gives the film its title. The film was adapted from an eponymous novel written by Juan Marsé.

                  Badland (2007)


                  • 17%
                  • NONE
                  • 160 min
                  • Drama

                  Badland takes a shocking, yet poignant look at the aftermath of war on one returning Iraq war veteran and his family. It is the story of a man who loses his soul and how a daughter's love and faith brings redemption to his unspeakable crimes. Through the quiet desperation of the returning veteran, we see that it is neither the big explosions nor the catastrophic acts on the battlefield that tell the inner story of war, but the inescapable, haunting memory of their war experiences that breaks...

                  Maurice Richard: Histoire d'un Canadien

                  • 56%
                  • PG
                  • 123 min
                  • Biography
                  Gauri The Unborn (2007)

                  Gauri The Unborn

                    • Unrated
                    • 98 min
                    • Drama

                    Mumbai-based Architect, Sudeep, secures a contract and decides to celebrate by going on a much-needed vacation to Mauritius along with his wife, Roshni, and school-going daughter, Shivani. They change they plans and instead decide to stop for a few days at their home in Neelgiri, Kerala, at Shivani's insistence. After their arrival the family will deeply regret this decision as they will pitted against a mysterious entity that is out to exact vengeance against the trio at any and all...

                    Maling akala (2007)

                    Maling akala

                      • PG
                      • 80 min

                      JP is on the run, accidentally killed his lover. On the bus he sits next to Teta, who labor right there. After Teta gives birth, she introduces JP as the father of her child to her family. Acting as husband and wife, their queer, dysfunctional tale begins.

                      Aaja Nachle (2007)

                      Aaja Nachle

                        • NONE
                        • 147 min
                        • Drama

                        Diya (Madhuri Dixit) is a divorced mother living in New York and must go back to India after she receives news that her dance guru is on his deathbed. When she arrives in Shamli, a small city in western Uttar Pradesh, she finds that he has died and left her the responsibility of saving and reviving the Ajanta Theater where she used to dance.

                        Suck My Geek! (2007)

                        Suck My Geek!

                          • Unrated
                          • 52 min
                          • Documentary

                          No overview found.

                          The Border (2007)

                          The Border

                            • Unrated
                            • 114 min
                            • Drama

                            The young man must set up a clear border between Finland and Russia, white and red, enemy and friend, us and them. While the task seems clear he finds out the execution of his command in concrete situations is very difficult. Right choices turn out to be wrong ones and correcting them make things worse.