2008 Movies (By Date)

Rika: The Zombie Killer (2008)

Rika: The Zombie Killer

    • Unrated
    • 86 min
    • Action

    When typical Japanese high school student Rika skips school to visit her grandfather, she fails to take into account the fact that his remote village is infested with the living dead.

    The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008)

    The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

      • 105 min
      • Action

      All Lodge wants is for his gaming group to finish their adventure. Unfortunately, they're more interested in seducing barmaids, mooning their enemies, and setting random villagers on fire. Desperate to rein in his players, Lodge injects two newbies into the party: a non-player character controlled by Lodge, who the power gamers immediately distrust, and the rarest gamer of all -- a girl.

      New Flavors

        • Sport

        "New Flavors: The Emergence of Southern Hip Hop" is a groundbreaking and poignant documentary film, which examines the impact of Southern Hip Hop. This piece focuses on the current status of Hip Hop and how the South's influence has made a significant impact on contemporary American pop culture. Featuring artists such as Akon, Chamillionaire, Piles, Luke, and Trina to name a few, this film examines the rise of this musical phenomenon called Southern Hip Hop.

        Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action (2008)

        Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action

          • Unrated
          • 90 min
          • Documentary

          Fueled by the belief that another world is possible, acclaimed filmmaker Velcrow Ripper takes us on inspiring journey into what Martin Luther King called Love in Action, and Gandhi called Soul Force; what Ripper is calling Fierce Light. Illustrated by interviews with spiritual luminaries Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Thich Nhat Hanh; and activists including Alice Walker, and Julia Butterfly Hill - FIERCE LIGHT is a spiritual experience in itself, about the impact and the necessity...

          The Dead Outside (2008)

          The Dead Outside

            • NONE
            • 86 min
            • Horror

            A neurological pandemic has consumed the population. Drug-resistance has mutated the virus into a ravaging psychological plague.

            Fashion Victim (2008)

            Fashion Victim

              • R
              • 90 min
              • Thriller

              Andrew Cunanan started his murderous spree in Minnesota, continued through Chicago, and despite being the subject of an intense manhunt, was able to kill fashion great Gianni Versace, in ...

              The 9th Circle (2008)

              The 9th Circle

                • Unrated
                • 11 min

                The ninth circle of Hell is where things can't get worse, the center of treachery. On Halloween, at about four in the afternoon, a young woman enters the waiting room of the Realmsville train station, pulls a book from her backpack, and starts to read. She's alone. A clown enters, honks a toy horn, and begins to bother her. He offers her a plastic flower, and, as we hear the noise of her train pulling in to the station, her nightmare begins. Can she escape?


                Vegas: Based on a True Story (2008)

                Vegas: Based on a True Story

                  • Unrated
                  • 102 min
                  • Drama

                  The film takes place away from the glittering strip of mega casinos, but the greed of Sin City is just as pervasive on the desert outskirts. This is where a happy family learns of a forgotten fortune that may be buried beneath their home. Their lives are turned upside down. A sophisticated study of just how far people are able and willing to go if faced with the tempting prospect of easily acquired wealth. Written by Warsaw Film Festival

                  Solstice (2008)


                    • PG-13
                    • 87 min
                    • Drama

                    A young girl uncovers a disturbing secret about her twin sister, who committed suicide just a few months before.

                    Monster Ark (2008)

                    Monster Ark

                      • Fantasy

                      This is film-making of the shoddiest and laziest sort. Every scene is a showcase for the writer/director's ignorance. O'Brien is completely unfamiliar with science. He knows nothing of how scientists talk, how they analyze, how they approach discovery. He is completely ignorant of how military personnel think, how they process situations, how they act, and how they carry themselves. O'Brien even misses the most basic tenets of Christianity.

                      Dark World (2008)

                      Dark World

                        • R
                        • 95 min
                        • Thriller

                        Harry Boyd an ex police officer in Los Angeles sets out to solve a series of missing person cases with his ex partner Bob. The crimes hit a bit too close to home when his ex wife's niece is abducted, Grace. Harry's ex wife Nicole comes back from Las Vegas with her new boyfriend Rick to help find her niece Grace. Nicole suspects foul play but can't prove it. Bob's wife Zoey makes a play for Harry and as the story unfolds all participants become suspects.

                        Love Me Still (2008)

                        Love Me Still

                          • 96 min
                          • Crime

                          As the result of an armed robbery Mickey Ronson has served eight years in prison, leaving his wife Gemma and their child Lucy to cope on their own. As the time of Mickey's release draws near he can't wait to get back to his family and continue on with their lives. He plans a surprise for his loved ones by keeping the date a secret from all but his sister. Not long before he gets out, Mickey's brother Bobby gets involved with Gemma and Lucy on the pretence of helping them out. But Bobby has his...

                          Kings of the Evening (2008)

                          Kings of the Evening

                          • 80%
                          • PG
                          • 100 min
                          • Drama

                          Homer Hobbs, home after two years in jail, discovers that life on the outside can be crueler than the back-breaking injustice of the chain gang. He returns to a bleak urban town caught in the depths of the Great Depression - no jobs, no prospects, no hope - where he is thrown together with four strangers, each struggling to survive as they scratch and scheme to dig their way out of poverty. Life is grim. But on Sunday nights, in a dingy hall in a forlorn neighborhood, the men of the ghetto...

                          Lake City (2008)

                          Lake City

                          • 12%
                          • R
                          • 92 min
                          • Crime

                          When a young man gets into trouble with a local drug dealer, he hits the road running with a young companion and heads to the last place on earth he wants to go - his childhood home.

                          The Morgue (2008)

                          The Morgue

                            • R
                            • 84 min
                            • Horror

                            Six strangers find themselves dealing with the supernatural while stranded overnight in a rural morgue.

                            Lords of the Street (2008)

                            Lords of the Street

                              • R
                              • 83 min
                              • Action

                              Set in post hurricane New Orleans. A brutal Mexican drug lord busts out of jail to retrieve the $15 million that his girlfriend is hiding. Can he find the girl and the cash before the cops track him down?

                              The Lost Coast (2008)

                              The Lost Coast

                                • NR
                                • 74 min
                                • Drama

                                High school friends reunite for Halloween in San Francisco and become forced to confront their unspoken sexual history.

                                Reformat the Planet (2008)

                                Reformat the Planet

                                  • Documentary

                                  'Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet' is a feature length documentary which delves into the movement known as ChipTunes, a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original music using old video game hardware. Familiar devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System are pushed in new directions with startling results. Using New York as a microcosm for a larger global movement, 'Reformat the Planet' maps out the genesis of the first annual Blip Festival, a four...

                                  A Perfect Place (2008)

                                  A Perfect Place

                                    • NONE
                                    • 25 min
                                    • Short

                                    Losers get involved in a crime that could lead to murder.

                                    The Devil's Dominoes (2008)

                                    The Devil's Dominoes

                                      • Unrated
                                      • 90 min
                                      • Thriller

                                      On their way to a weekend hunting trip in the Ozarks, four friends get in to a car accident, killing the driver of the other car...