2011 September Movies

Urban Explorer (2011)

Urban Explorer

    • NONE
    • 88 min
    • Horror

    A horrifying and thrilling adventure that investigates 25,000 tunnels on 6 levels underneath Berlin with secrets that were never meant to see the light of day. When four young travelers sign-up for an underground adventure through a subterranean maze of Nazi secrets, they are unaware of the horror they’re about to encounter.

    They meet their guide at a club in Berlin where they all exchange fake names just in case the police get involved; this underground exploration isn’t exactly...


      • Unrated
      • 80 min

      Luis left London a long time ago, headed for the bright lights of New York City. Tom left society to drop into a personal oblivion. How, he just needs a place to crash - gravitating toward the city that never sleeps. Marta is unhappy to see this stranger disrupt her world. She is set to marry Luis soon, but they've still got a lot of problems to figure out - having Tom in town is only going to complicate matters further. And yet, when Marta finds herself alone without a date,...

      War of the Buttons (2011)

      War of the Buttons

        • 109 min
        • Adventure

        1960. The thrilling battles waged by a band of kids from two rival villages in the southern French countryside.

        War of the Buttons (2011)

        War of the Buttons

        • 26%
        • NONE
        • 100 min
        • Adventure

        Two rival gangs of kids from different French villages engage in a merciless play war.

        We Were Here (2011)

        We Were Here

        • 100%
        • NONE
        • 90 min
        • Documentary

        Documents the coming of what was called the “Gay Plague” in the early 1980s. It illuminates the profound personal and community issues raised by the AIDS epidemic as well as the broad political and social upheavals it unleashed. It offers a cathartic validation for the generation that suffered through, and responded to, the onset of AIDS. It opens a window of understanding to those who have only the vaguest notions of what transpired in those years. It provides insight into what society...

        Weekender (2011)


        • 9%
        • NONE
        • 90 min
        • Drama

        Chosen by the man himself, the Kevin Smith Movie Club presents Weekender. The rave scene has arrived from Ibiza and warehouse parties are exploding across the UK bringing phenomenal wealth to the organizers. In Manchester, best friends Matt and Dylan are in their early 20s and want to be a part of this social scene. They are taken on a wild journey from the exclusive VIP rooms of London clubs to the outrageous parties in Ibiza super-villas. But as their success continues to grow, they attract a...

        Wetlands (2011)


          • Unrated
          • 111 min
          • Documentary

          On a dairy farm in the Eastern Townships, in the middle of a drought and while the land is parching, a drama will disrupt the life of the Santerre family. Confronted to each other they will have to learn to forgive.

          - Written by

          Max Films

          Where Soldiers Come From (2011)

          Where Soldiers Come From

          • 81%
          • 91 min
          • Documentary

          From a snowy small town in Northern Michigan to the mountains of Afghanistan and back, Where Soldiers Come From follows the four-year journey of childhood friends, forever changed by a faraway war. A documentary about growing up, Where Soldiers Come From, is an intimate look at the young men who fight our wars and the families and town they come from. Returning to her hometown, Director Heather Courtney gains extraordinary access following these young men as they grow and change from teenagers...

          Whores' Glory (2011)

          Whores' Glory

          • 89%
          • NONE
          • 101 min
          • Documentary

          Tells several stories of prostitution around the world. The documentary revolves around the lives and individual hopes, needs and experiences of the women.

          Wickie auf großer Fahrt (2011)

          Wickie auf großer Fahrt

            • 96 min
            • Action

            When does the little Vicky finally a real Viking? This question can his father Halvar no rest. But when the terrible Sven kidnapped the chief of Flake, has to prove himself unexpectedly Vicky: As deputy chief, he leads the strong men and it gets support from the fearless Svenja. Take course for the Cape Fear to free Halvar from Sven's castle - but the biggest problem is the Vikings still to come ... On stormy seas, tropical beaches and Valkyries by dangerous icy wastes before they fight their...

            Winnie Mandela (2011)

            Winnie Mandela

            • 15%
            • R
            • 107 min
            • Biography

            Starring Academy Award® winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) and Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow), WINNIE MANDELA is an epic story of love, sacrifice and courage. Moving from a remote tribal village to the sprawling metropolis of Johannesburg, South Africa, a proud young Winnie (Jennifer Hudson) soon found love with a rising political star, Nelson Mandela (Terrence Howard). When Nelson was imprisoned for protesting the brutal Apartheid government, Winnie worked tirelessly...

            Wrinkles (2011)


            • 96%
            • NONE
            • 80 min
            • Animation

            Wrinkles illustrates the visual beauty and tender emotion that can be created by traditional animation, as it tackles a universal subject matter with humor and acerbic wit. The story opens with former bank manager Emilio being dispatched to a retirement home by his family. His new roommate is a wily, wheeler-dealer named Miguel, who cheerfully swindles small amounts of cash from the more befuddled residents but is also full of handy insider tips that are crucial to survival. Like One Flew Over...